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In his storytelling, as well as his choice of settings, Woody Allen has developed somewhat of a duality. He's made comedies and dramas, both foreign and domestic, between the past and the present; and he's fallen into somewhat of a rhythm as of late. Starting with To Rome With Love, the director has shifted alternatively between foreign settings and shooting in his own backyard, with this year's Magic In The Moonlight being his latest period piece set in the south of France. Which means his next film, an as of now untitled affair, is setting its sights on coming home to the United States for production.

The Boston Globe announced that Woody Allen's next project is casting in Boston, for a planned July start date in Rhode Island. The only details about the plot are that it's takes place in the here and now, with both intellectuals and non-intellectuals. In other words, Woody Allen is making a Woody Allen movie. This is the same untitled Woody Allen project that has Emma Stone and Joaquin Phoenix starring in it, so if you're interested in auditioning, you'd better make an appointment with C.P. Casting, as they are taking actors by appointment only.

Much like Martin Scorsese did with The Departed, Woody Allen's next film might be interesting enough when you consider that it's taking place in Boston instead of New York. This also means we might get to hear Joaquin Phoenix and Emma Stone adopting regional accents, but it's not a given considering the wide swath of characters at play. I'm honestly more excited to see Mr. Allen and Mr. Phoenix's collaboration, as Ms. Stone has proven she can pretty much work with anyone and come out shining. The same can be said for Mr. Phoenix, but much like his work with recent collaborator Paul Thomas Anderson, the combined personalities between director and star could make for some interesting results. Not to mention, Joaquin Phoenix was half way to doing a Woody Allen impression in Her anyway, so it'll be amusing to see how that varies from an officially sanctioned gimmickry.

This untitled Woody Allen project is set for release next year, while Magic In The Moonlight is slated for release on July 25th, 2014. Have you seen that trailer yet?

Funny enough, former Woody Allen muse/co-star Scarlett Johannson's Lucy opens on that same day. Now I can't help but think what the latter film would have looked like if Mr. Allen replaced Morgan Freeman. Can someone get to work on making a fake trailer for that movie?

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