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Woody Allen To Star Alongside John Turturro In Fading Gigolo, Sharon Stone And Sofia Vergara Also Cast

Woody Allen's writing and directing career may still be flourishing, but he's been absent from the acting game for quite a while now. While the filmmaker used to star in almost all of his own films, Allen hasn't been in a movie since 2006's Scoop and the last time he had a credited role in another director's work was 2000's Picking Up The Pieces (which was made by Alfonso Arau). While that first streak is already set to be broken, as Allen has a role in his next directorial effort, Nero Fiddled, but now the second one is being ended as well.

Woody Allen has accepted a role in John Turturro's newest film, Fading Gigolo, as have Sofia Vergara and Sharon Stone. Based on a script by Turturro, the story is about two men who are growing old and become gigolos to make some cash. Allen begins to pimp out Turturro, but things go wrong when the folks in the Hasidic Jewish community where they live begin to suspect them and Turturro falls for a yet-to-be-cast Jewish widow. According to Variety, Stone will play a dermatologist who hires Tuturro's services while Vergara will play a married woman who wishes to have a threesome with Stone and Turturro (can you tell who the writer/director is yet?). The film will be the director's fifth time at the helm, his most recent projects including 2010's Passione and the 2005 musical comedy Romance and Cigarettes.

Production on the movie is scheduled to start in New York this April. On the quality scale let's hope this one runs closer to Midnight Cowboy than Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo.

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