The Lost Boys To Get A New Sequel, In A Brand New Format

The Lost Boys

When it comes to those nostalgic teenage movies of the 1980s, one of the titles that fittingly never seems to die is The Lost Boys . The vampire movie starring the decade's favorite pair of guys named Corey still has a huge fan base today, which is a good thing since a sequel is on the way. While the movie has seen a couple of direct-to-DVD travesties in recent years, the new plan is to make a more direct follow-up, in comic book form.

Vertigo has announced that a new comic miniseries will be hitting the shelves October 12 which will pick up right where The Lost Boys film left off. According to Variety, the story will follow just as the town of Santa Carla has begun to recover from the events of the film. However, they don't have much time to recuperate, as a new gang calling themselves the Bloodbelles has just arrived in town and they're looking for Star, their lost sister, who was the love interest of Jason Patric's character in the original film.

While certainly there's more going on here than a simple synopsis can tell us, it sounds like the basic plan is to replace the gang of male vampires from the movie with a gang of female vampires for the comic book. It may not be the most creative way to change up the story, but it's a popular idea, and it's been considered before. Years ago Joel Schumacher, the director of The Lost Boys, wanted to make a theatrical sequel that he called The Lost Girls. This idea would include "gorgeous teenage biker chicks" who were also vampires. While we don't know whether the vampire women in this new comic will be "biker chicks" or not, they're calling themselves the Bloodbelles so we wouldn't put it past them. That totally sounds like a name that would be printed on the back of leather jackets.

The couple of dismal DVD sequels that were produced didn't come out until the last few years, meaning that quite a bit of time had passed since the release of The Lost Boys. They also focused on the Frog Brothers, and not on the Emerson brothers the movie had been about. The beauty of going the comic book sequel route, as many movies and TV series have done, is that you're not forced by the passage of time and the aging of actors to tell your story in the modern day. The comic can pick up right where the film left off and even fill in the gaps between one movie and the next.

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