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Ready Player One

Steven Spielberg brought Ready Player One to San Diego Comic-Con, adapting Ernie Cline's pop-culture Bible to the big screen. And the movie brought its first footage to Hall H to show to fans. Want to know what they showed?

Watch the Ready Player One trailer here!

The footage opens with the Amblin logo (which got huge applause in Hall H), as Tye Sheridan's lead character, Parzival, narrates his current situation. The first shot in the clip is the "stacks' of Columbus, Ohio -- and it looks EXACTLY like the cover of Cline's book. We see Wade, Parzival's real identity, as he slides down from his top camper, and a quick peek into a bottom trailer shows a woman wearing a headset. These are the entry points into the OASIS.

The footage follows Wade to his headquarters, where he explains how his generation is known largely for their immersion into the OASIS. And as Sheridan places the headset on, we go through his POV into the virtual reality world of the OASIS.

This looks like it could be Steven Spielberg's masterpiece. As soon as we enter the OASIS, Parzival is in a neon-drenched dance club that looks TRON-esque. The rush of pop-culture references come fast and furious. While the first half of the footage was set to a rock-riff on the Willy Wonka theme music, the second half of the footage kicks in with Tom Sawyer by Rush, and it's a high-energy montage of video-game action and pop references.

What pop culture references? Well, The Iron Giant looks to be a character -- in fact, Spielberg says it'll be a major player in the story. Wade drives the Back to the Future Delorean through a major chase sequence, where he's being attacked by video game characters from so many different properties. The one I caught was Freddy Krueger, getting blasted by a laser gun.

Bottom line: This first look at Steven Spielberg's Ready Player One look like he nailed the look, feel, atmosphere and pop-culture cornucopia of Ernie Cline's novel, and I am DYING to see what he brings to the big screen when the movie is adapted to the big screen in March 2018.

We still have months to wait for Ready Player One to hit theaters. Based on a novel by Ernest Cline, the long-awaited feature adaptation will arrive on March 30, 2018. In related news, here's a pic that dropped recently, and shows Wade suited up for the OASIS...

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