Man Steals Car In Order To Go To The Movies

A Maserati in Limitless

Modern times are chaotic, stressful and can wear you down. We all need to take a load off occasionally and relax. For some of us, there is no better way to escape than hitting the theater and taking in a movie. However, some of us are willing to go to far greater lengths to enjoy a proper cinematic experience. In one Georgia man's case, he reportedly wanted to go to the movies so bad that he stole a car to ferry himself to the theater. Those Thor: Ragnarok trailers must have had a powerful effect.

Personally, I hate arriving at the theater late, as you might get bad seats and even miss the previews, so promptness is a priority. Other than leaving early, the easiest way to ensure you have time to get your Junior Mints and popcorn is to drive extremely fast. This is substantially easier if you have the kind of car that can move quickly and look good doing it. Keithrick Williams, the Georgia man accused of the crime, understands this and opted to steal a Maserati to get to the theater in style.

Keithrick Williams reportedly stole the vehicle and parked it at an AMC theater in Morrow, Georgia while he saw a movie. WJLA DC reports that he was arrested upon returning to the car after the movie. He was charged with not only the theft, but also possessing a weapon during a crime for the handgun that was found in the car. What movie did he see you ask? While a man who steals a car to go to the movies might be seen as a poor decision maker, this individual seems to have a taste for the finer things. Keithrick Williams eschewed the temptation of Geostorm and went to see Blade Runner 2049. That makes sense, as you don't steal an Italian luxury performance car to see any old drivel; you go to see a film. Plus, Blade Runner 2049 has been out for weeks and will be leaving theaters before too long. This might have been his last chance to see Roger Deakins' work on the big screen.

Now perhaps this guy had a lot of errands to run in his freshly stolen car, but he just couldn't resist the allure of the cinema, and that's what did him in. While I applaud his cinematic tastes, I think he made a few tactical errors in his choices here. First, if you're going to steal a car, a Maserati is not the most inconspicuous way to go. The owner will notice it is missing and it is an easy car to spot. Also, there is no indication that Williams didn't pay for his ticket to the movie. So he had the cash for the ticket, but didn't have enough for a cab? What a comedy of errors. Maybe Keithrick Williams will make bail and discover MoviePass and Uber in time to see The Disaster Artist.

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Nick Evans

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