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Louis C.K. In I Love You Daddy

The premiere for Louis C.K.'s new movie, I Love You, Daddy, has been cancelled. Representatives of the movie cited "unexpected circumstances" as the reason for the premiere being cut from the agenda. The news broke just prior to a profile alleging sexual misconduct by the longtime comedian, who financed and edited I Love You, Daddy himself. In addition to the premiere of the movie getting cancelled, Louis C.K. also cancelled an interview he had scheduled on CBS' The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

The decision was made prior to a New York Times story, which has since been released, that alleges that Louis C.K. pulled out his penis and masturbated in front of at least five women, who spoke to the outlet, telling similar stories. Abby Schachner says she heard Louis C.K. masturbating while they spoke over the phone. Rebecca Corry says when they were working together, he asked her if he could masturbate in front of her. She declined. Dana Min Goodman and Julia Wolov met Louis C.K. when he was touring in Colorado. They say they went back to his room to hang out after a show at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival, where he proceeded to masturbate in front of them. One other woman also spoke anonymously with a similar story.

Louis C.K. is known for tackling offensive and touchy subjects in his comedy, and I Love You, Daddy has already been somewhat controversial. The movie follows a father who works in the TV business, played by Louis C.K., who has a 17-year-old daughter, played by Chloe Grace Moretz. She's growing up and trying to figure out her life when she and her father meet famed producer Leslie Goodwin, played by John Malkovich, who immediately takes a liking to the 17-year-old girl. The movie also contains an n-bomb, cracks about child rape and more topical but uncomfortable material. We've previously written about how the movie also takes cues from former Woody Allen allegations.

The movie is pretty self-explanatory, but you can take a look at the full trailer, below.

THR reports that the New York premiere of the movie was scheduled for tonight but has now been cancelled. The movie is officially scheduled to be released into theaters across the country on November 17. Some have already seen I Love You, Daddy, because it popped up out of nowhere and premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this year. The film is being distributed by The Orchard. Following the cancellation of the premiere, we'll see if anything else changes in regards to the movie's release. As for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert appearance, William H. Macy is expected to appear in Louis C.K.'s stead.