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Austin Powers actor Verne Troyer passed away recently. His co-star Mike Myers recently appeared on television and spoke about the life the actor lived and the happiness he brought to people. Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live Myers talked about the memorial service for Troyer which he attended and the remarkable life that the man had lived. Check out his comments below.

Austin Powers fans were saddened to learn recently that, at the age of 49, Verne Troyer, who played Dr. Evil's "Mini-Me" in the franchise, had passed away. Mike Myers spoke a bit about the memorial service that he attended for his friend, which included a photo montage of Troyer and all the various places that he had visited over his life. For a man who wasn't expected to survive his teens, it was remarkable just the sort of life Troyer lived in his just short of five decades.

Mike Myers also tells a remarkable story of attending a state dinner for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during the Obama administration, in which both President Obama and Prime Minister Trudeau asked him how "Mini-Me" was doing when he met them. It's just one example of the way Myers says Verne Troyer impacted people. Myers says this wasn't an isolated incident as people would always ask him about Troyer. Clearly, people cared about him.

I thought, Verne just brought so much love to people, you know what I mean? It's crazy.

While people frequently feel connections to celebrities, in the case of Verne Troyer, it was something a little different. While Troyer had numerous film and TV roles over the years, none of them were nearly as memorable as his turn in the Austin Powers movies. There was something about that specific performance which made people remember him and still ask about him, even over a decade after the last time he played the role of Mini-Me.

Part of that love for Verne Troyer may have come from the way that he used his celebrity in the years since becoming famous. Mike Myers tells Jimmy Kimmel that Troyer would frequently volunteer to do charity work in the various places he would visit.

The exact details of Verne Troyer's death still aren't known. The actor was rushed to the hospital on April 3 and he passed away April 21. While he reportedly was suffering from alcohol poisoning when he was admitted to the hospital, we still don't know for sure exactly how, if at all, that played into his actual death.

While Verne Troyer may be gone, his performances are still here, which means he still will have the ability to bring love and joy to people.