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Solo: A Star Wars Story

Recently, rumors have indicated that Lucasfilm could be putting all their potential Star Wars spinoff films on hold following the box office performance of Solo: A Star Wars Story. The man who directed Solo was recently asked what he thought of these reports, and Ron Howard says he doesn't believe the rumors are true. While he admits that the financial side of Solo wasn't where some people wanted it to be, he says Lucasfilm is involved in a process to see what fans want and so will continue to move forward in order to figure that out. According to Howard...

I don't think that's entirely accurate. I think that was reported, but I don't think that's exactly what I understand. Yeah, and I think the fans -- look everybody at Lucasfilm and Disney really cares about the fans. And so, you know, I think it's an ongoing process of like discovering what it can be and what it can all add up to. So, it's really a process. And I like the fact that personally that they take some chances, take some risks, and see how people respond to it.

The video posted to TMZ, which is an "interview" conducted with Ron Howard as he walks down the street with his producing partner Brian Grazer, has the person asking the question imply that Disney had announced they were putting all spinoff movies on hold, which was never the case. It was reported by other sources that the studio had made such a decision, likewise, other sources at Lucasfilm have claimed the first report is untrue.

One has to assume that Lucasfilm is analyzing the Solo situation but the fact that the film didn't set box office records like previous Star Wars movies could mean any number of things. It seems unlikely that Lucasfilm would announce James Mangold as the director of a movie about Boba Fett after the release of Solo if there was any question that the film might be delayed.

Of course, at this point, the future of Star Wars is unclear. After Star Wars Episode IX is released in 2019 we don't really know what's next for the franchise. A number of different projects from numerous writers have been announced as being in development but which one is coming first, and when we'll see it, is unknown. The prevailing rumor is that an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie is currently in pre-production, but that work was reported to have stopped based on the initial report that things were put on hold. Since the film had never been officially announced in the first place, it's sort of hard to say.

Until we know for sure what Lucasfilm is doing next, we can't really know for sure what the studio is doing following Solo's performance. If we get another Star Wars Story in 2020, that will likely be evidence this was all much ado about nothing. If we don't, then it could mean the studio has changed course, or it could mean they had other plans in place all along.