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What The Warcraft Trilogy Would Have Been About, According To The Director

Warcraft Movie

Duncan Jones' Warcraft movie held promise, but ultimately failed to please critics, audiences, and the studio (even though it raked in incredible amounts of cash overseas). Heck, a displeased journalist even walked out on Jones mid-interview. Because of its poor performance at the domestic box office and even more discouraging critical reception, the studio decided not to continue Jones' planned trilogy.

Duncan Jones is currently promoting the 4K release of his masterpiece, the Sam Rockwell-led Moon. Jones' Warcraft film came up during an interview, prompting the director to describe the trilogy that could've been. Even now, three years after the film's release, Jones still seems rather disappointed that his vision didn't resonate with audiences.

Here's what he told Collider:

For me, the story was about Gul’dan and taking the false walls. The symbol or the tribe that he was the chief of, taking them away from the world that was dying on setting them up with a new home on this planet of Azeroth. And, really that was going to happen through his baby son who, for those who are lore junkies, was getting to grow up to be this character called Thrall. So really it was about that story and everything else was how the orcs left their home world and clear that new home for themselves in Azeroth. That was the three film arc I would’ve wanted to follow up.

It's clear that Duncan Jones truly believed in the project and desperately wanted to continue exploring the big, exciting story he'd set up in the first film. Say what you will about the film itself, but you've gotta admit that the director absolutely poured his heart into this project.

It really would have been pretty special. It’s unfortunate now, you gotta try and go with your [heart] on these things. I made the film as best I could ... hoping that it would connect with an audience. I genuinely think that in retrospect and as time has moved on, people are starting to appreciate the film [more] than maybe the critics did when it first came out. But, unfortunately, I don’t think we’re going to get to make any more.

There were whispers of a director's cut, but Duncan Jones himself shot those rumors down as quickly as they'd popped up. His reasoning carried a finality that even the film's most passionate supporters couldn't ignore. So yeah, the franchise is dead. However, if you love Jones' work and want to see what he's been up to, check out Mute on Netflix.

What do you think? Are you disappointed we won't ever get those Warcraft sequels or are you done with the franchise? Sound off in the comments below!