Netflix's New Mute Trailer Shows Off The Movie's Dangerous Romantic Storyline

Justin Theroux in Mute

Duncan Jones' new sci-fi thriller Mute has a number of different storylines in play. One involves the seedy Paul Rudd, his sleazy business partner (played by Justin Theroux), and the deal they struck with a gaggle of gangsters. But the other follows the mute bartender of the title, Leo (Alexander Skarsgard) and his troubled relationship with a beautiful cocktail waitress. It's that storyline that is addressed in the newest Mute trailer, which you can watch below, EXCLUSIVELY on CinemaBlend:

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What if I also told you that Mute, which is set in a distant future that feels like an offshoot of Sir Ridley Scott's Blade Runner universe, is a spiritual sequel to Duncan Jones' Moon, with Sam Rockwell? There is a tease, but you will have to wait until February 23 to find out what it is.

For now, I can tell you that Leo (Alexander Skarsgard) is mute because of a childhood accident, but his disability doesn't interfere with his adoration for Naadirah (Seyneb Saleh), the chameleonesque drink slinger at a bar in this futuristic world. When Naadirah disappears, Leo is plunged into a dark and dangerous world, where he crosses paths with nefarious (and colorful) criminal elements.

After a detour into the realm of Warcraft, it's refreshing to see Duncan Jones bring his eye -- and ear -- for original science-fiction back for a story like Mute. The writer/director has said in interviews that this is a story he has been working on for years, looking for the right opportunity to bring both Leo and this neon-drenched world to the screen. If you haven't yet, I highly recommend that you check out his previous sci-fi tales, both Moon and Source Code (which put Jake Gyllenhaal through the wringer of a complicated time loop). They are an excellent foundation for the type of story that Jones tells in Mute.

We are in a golden age of sci-fi storytelling, with directors like Denis Villenueve resurrecting Blade Runner after his own tours through the brilliant and challenging Arrival. In theaters, Ex Machina director Alex Garland is stimulating audiences with his upcoming adaptation of Annihilation. While on Netflix, the anthology series Black Mirror examines technology's vice grip on our society, and the ill effects it can have.

Mute joins these ranks as a rewarding trip through an original future that asks bold questions and delivers blockbuster thrills. And soon, you will be able to see for yourself. Netflix members will be able to stream Duncan Jones' Mute when it releases on February 23. Do you think you will give it a try?

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