A Theater Student Was Asked To Do A Dramatic Monologue From Any Movie, She Hilariously Picked Austin Powers

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery Dr. Evil speaks during group therapy

Comedy, as history has taught us, is “tragedy plus time,” but that particular door works both ways. Sometimes, what was once a joke turns into something that plays more seriously when the memory of that gag starts to fade. We’re not saying that Mike Myers’ classic espionage parody Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery has faded from collective memory, but considering a comedian recently read a scene of Dr. Evil dialogue as a dramatic monologue, it does indicate we’re all in for a refresher.

Check the hilarious results out below:

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You can thank comedian Lisa Gilroy for this moment of beautiful madness, shared through her own Twitter page, as she read a portion of the group therapy scene from the first Austin Powers movie as part of an exercise in her drama class. Taking some, but not all of the most outrageous claims from Dr. Evil’s tragic backstory, Gilroy delivers the lines into her camera with professional deadpan energy. Even better, the whole thing is infused with true Academy Award-baiting inflection and facial acting that rides that fine line between the silliness of the words and the drama of the moment.

Even if you’re a superfan of the Austin Powers saga, and recognize those words as originating from Mike Myers’ eccentric baddie, Lisa Gilroy’s delivery absolutely sells this classic scene as a moment of pain and anguish. Which is only further highlighted when watching the original scene from Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. That clip is provided below, and take note, that's the great Carrie Fisher playing the group therapist.

Just as Lisa Gilroy recited Dr. Evil’s childhood with pathos and pain, Mike Myers’ original delivery of that moment pushes how far that gag can go without crossing over into being knowingly funny. It works both as a serious moment and a fall-down funny punchline, which serves as a testament to how well that particular script holds up and how honed Ms. Gilroy’s comedy chops truly are. While Austin Powers 4 may seem like a nearly impossible prospect (depending on who you ask, of course) it might be a good idea for Myers and Gilroy to team up on a project together, as this viral video could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Back in the realm of the here and now, should you want to watch Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, and/or either of its sequels, you can load up the old HBO Max account and stream those films at your leisure. Or, if you’re curious what comedies await in the future, the 2020 release schedule will help narrow that window down. It may not be summer in Rangoon, but it's at least a good way to pass the time.

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