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One of the most sure fire ways to get the masses excited for a movie is to put Simon Pegg in it. His work in Shaun of the Dead instantly earned him, along with his frequent partner in crime, Nick Frost, countrywide recognition in the states. The duo are comedic gold both on screen and on YouTube.

Their latest adventure, director Greg Mottola’s Paul, puts the two on a trek across our great nation until they encounter an alien, go-to comedian Seth Rogen, and not-surprisingly a shit load of wackiness ensues. Mottola is no stranger to comedy himself having directed several episodes of Arrested Development, and the R-Rated comedy mega-hit Superbad. It’s safe to say that Paul is going to be hilarious.

This new poster was spotted across the pond at Empire and begs you to toss tiny wadded up pieces of paper into Pegg’s agape mouth. Showing off both the star’s astonishment at a spacecraft outside of the frame and the fun-loving personality of Paul the alien, the poster does a great job of being awesome and functional all without giant floating heads.

The film hits Valentine’s day in the UK and follows not far behind in the states on March 18th.

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