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We're debuting two very new things here at Cinema Blend today. First of all there's Kino Katey, the section of the site that's basically dedicated to short-burst thoughts, reviews, and whatever else from me, who you'll still find writing for the rest of the site of course. And one of the new features at Kino Katey is something we're calling Virgin Territory, in which I watch a movie I've never seen before and talk about it with someone who loves it. Because we're celebrating Ash Wednesday all over the site today (you can read all about it here), I decided to watch The Evil Dead, the low-budget 1981 horror film that put director Sam Raimi on the map and introduced Bruce Campbell as the schlocky, blood-spattered hero for generations.

To talk it over I enlisted Eric Eisenberg, who owns the entire Evil Dead trilogy on Blu-Ray and can talk extensively about even the most minute behind-the-scenes details. Watch our conversation below as we discuss the merits of low-budget horror, the film's feminist implications, and how you can see Sam Raimi emerge as a talented director even amid all that fake blood. Hopefully this will be the first in a long series, so let us know what you think and what you might want to see us discuss next!

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