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We'll have a full report on this weekend's box office later today, but it seems worth highlighting the limited release-- especially the fact that Woody Allen, so late in his career, has hit yet another one out of the park. Last year's Midnight in Paris was the highest-grossing film of Allen's career, making a stellar $151 million worldwide on its way to a Best Picture nomination, and his new film To Rome With Love is also on its way to being a hit.

According to Deadline, To Rome With Love made $379,000 from just five theaters this weekend, a per-screen average of $76,000, second only to Midnight in Paris for the best per-screen average of Allen's career. Sony Pictures Classics plans to expand the film wider starting July 6, which is much faster than Midnight in Paris opened, but they're clearly planning on a similarly long summer of success. I vividly remember the constant stream of press releases I got last summer, as Sony Pictures Classics crowed about some new milestone reached by Midnight in Paris. While To Rome With Love doesn't have quite the same amount of glowing reviews, it could easily have the same summer counter programming success.

Let us know if you've seen To Rome With Love, or if you plan to see it, and if you think the new film can have the same kind of success that Midnight in Paris did.

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