One of the more confounding yet charming Hollywood couples of today is made up of gamely goofy comedienne Maya Rudolph and art house auteur Paul Thomas Anderson. She has been a standout performer on Saturday Night Live with wacky impressions of Oprah, Donatella Versace, and Whitney Houston, and starred in raunchy R-rated comedies like Bridesmaids and MacGruber. He has written and directed such serious and stirring cinema as Boogie Nights, There Will Be Blood and The Master. But aside from seeming to share an incredible intelligence, the tenor of their careers have very little in common.

However, Rudolph left her comfy comedy terrain behind in 2009, offering a somber and moving portrayal of an anxious expecting mother in the quirky drama Away We Go. And it seems Anderson is mulling over a similarly risky leap of his own, considering crafting his own comedy. While doing press for The Master, the five-time Academy Award-nominated director was asked by Movie Hole if there is any chance he might helm a comedy, he responded:
"You mean like full blown comedy? Soon hopefully. I have to write it. It sounds daunting. [laughter]

I’d like to make a film like Airplane. That never gets old. Or Ted. It was a big hit. Why? Because it’s great. Movies that are that big a hit are never fucking bad. I mean, there’s no such… You know, people aren’t that stupid, that movie’s a hit because it’s hilarious. I hope [Seth MacFarlane] makes another film."

You'd be hard pressed to come up with two 2012 releases that have less in common than The Master and Ted, so cinephiles may be rightly surprised by Anderson's answer. Nonetheless, it's dizzying to imagine an irreverent and wacky comedy like Airplane or Ted made through Anderson's typically dark and heady perspective. Obviously, such a film would be a long way off as he doesn't even imply he has a concept at this juncture. Still, it's encouraging and intriguing to see it's a possible project for the prestigious filmmaker. And perhaps it would be the perfect opportunity for he and his better half to collaborate creatively.

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