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Jason Statham vs. James Franco. I still have no idea how that showdown is going to work, but based on this first trailer for Homefront, which premiered at Yahoo!, I cannot wait to find out. It's like Road House if Swayze's character was an undercover cop. It's like Breaking Bad if Gus Fring were played by James Franco. It's like every other Jason Statham movie in that it involves Statham beating the shit out of anyone who crosses his path. It is, to put it simply, glorious.

Ever since Homefront was first announced last summer it's baffled us, and for a while seemed like yet another James Franco stunt, like hosting the Oscars or directing a "documentary" featuring graphic gay sex. But just when we thought we were sick of Franco's antics, he's gone and had a really, really good 2013. He gave one of his best, most unhinged performances yet in the spring's Spring Breakers, which has now earned him a quixotic Oscar campaign, and retimed with his more accessible funny friends in This Is The End, one of the summer's biggest comedy hits. Even in Oz The Great And Powerful, a blockbuster that he seemed to do as a lark, he wasn't a half-bad hero. So as Homefront arrives, it seems less like a smirking Franco stunt and more like, well, why not go toe-to-toe with Jason Statham when given the chance?

Yes, plenty of what's on display in the Homefront trailer looks ridiculous, from the little girl using MMA fighting skills on the playground to Kate Bosworth's Southern drawl seemingly leftover from the Straw Dogs remake. And watching British Jason Statham arrive in rural America only to beat up its residents reeks of all kinds of cross-country snobbery. But Jason Statham is our British thug, and we love him, and we will let him beat up our hicks if we damn well want to. If one of those hicks is played by James Franco, it only adds yet another wonderful layer of oddity to the entire thing. I'm sold.

Homefront opens November 27. You can also check out the brand new poster below.

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