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Syfy's Alphas Won't Return For Season 3

Syfy is saying goodbye to Alphas after two seasons on the air. It’s already been several months since Season 2 wrapped in October, but word on the series’ future has finally come down via Twitter, and it’s not good. Turns out the Season 2 finale was in fact the series finale.

Alphas Season 2 Preview: Trouble At The Supermarket

Syfy's super drama series Alphas is set to return in less than a week. If you've seen the trailer for the second season, you're already clued in to the big things ahead for the series. Syfy released a new look at Season 2, which has a pretty dramatic and action-filled Alpha moment taking place in a supermarket.

Alphas Season 2 Guest Stars Include Summer Glau, Sean Astin And BSG's Kandyse McClure

Things may not have worked out for the TNT pilot in which Summer Glau was set to star, but if there's a silver lining to the cable channel's decision to pass on the project, it's that it likely freed up Summer Glau's schedule enough to allow her to be available to return to Syfy's Alphas in Season 2. The former Firefly star isn't the only great guest star set to appear in Alphas in its upcoming second season. Syfy announced a list of guest stars and offered some information on who's playing who.

Syfy Adds Three New Scripted Series Including Comic Adaptation Ghost Projekt

Syfy is on a roll with popular genre shows like Warehouse 13, Eureka, Haven and more recently Alphas, which can be added to that successful line-up with it being recently renewed for a second season. The channel also intends to roll out the first season of Lost Girl early next year, to coincide with the second season premiere of Being Human. So yeah, Syfy seems to be doing quite well for itself and, not surprisingly, they are keen to continue their original programming success by putting three new scripted series in development.

Alphas Giveaway: Win An Alphas T-Shirt And An iPod Nano

The first season of Syfy’s new super-drama series Alphas is winding down, with just a few episodes to go. We’re counting-down to the finale by hosting a giveaway for one lucky fan to win an Alphas t-shirt and an iPod.

Syfy Renews Alphas For Season 2

Syfy has some good news for fans of their freshmen super-series Alphas, today. The cable channel announced that they’re bringing the series back for a second season, ordering up thirteen more episodes. Alphas follows a group of people with extraordinary abilities. They’re brought together by neurologist and psychiatrist Dr. Lee Rosen to investigate crime cases involving other people with similar “Alpha” abilities.

Alphas' Excellent Guest Star Line-Up Includes Summer Glau, Lindsay Wagner And Others

There are a number of guest appearances set to take place in Syfy’s super-drama Alphas and Summer Glau is among them. Summer Glau in a role that may involve super powers? Sorry, I don’t see it. (That’s a joke, Firefly, Terminator and/or The Cape fans!).

Syfy's Comic-Con 2011 Schedule Includes Panels For Being Human, Sanctuary, Eureka, Warehouse 13 And Alphas

Comic-Con 2011 kicks off in San Diego in just a couple of weeks, which means the schedules should continue to roll in as TV networks prepare to showcase their programming with panels and screenings. Syfy’s schedule is up and while their panels are spread out between Friday and Saturday during the event, rest assured there’s a place for Syfy fans to go to kick back and appreciate the network during the Con.

Extended Alphas Preview: Syfy's Drama Series About Amateur Heroes

Syfy released an extended preview of their upcoming series Alphas. The video, which is nearly nine minutes long, includes clips from the series, as well as comments from the cast and writers.

Is This Guy An Alpha Or Is That Ball Full Of Flubber?

Has someone actually found a way to make Flubber a reality? If so, they’re taking a page from Ned Brainard’s playbook, and using it to cheat at basketball. The following video depicts an almost impossible, sports event on a local basketball court. Ok, odds are this guy hasn’t discovered Flubber and is in fact...

Syfy's Super-Powered Alphas Gets Its First Full Poster

Super-powered television hasn't been doing so well lately... so, is there any hope for Syfy's new show Alphas? Well, they just released the first poster for the show and, uh, meh? It looks super generic and boring to me but what do you think?

Check Out The Full Trailer For Syfy's Alphas

For those of you still stinging from Heroes' long, tragic slide into decraptitude, as well as the recent cancelation of No Ordinary Family, Syfy's Alphas may be your last, best hope for a good super-hero show. Or, it could just suck. Either way, you can get a brief new look at it courtesy of the first full trailer for the show, which has premiered over on Entertainment Weekly's Inside TV blog.

David Strathairn To Lead The SyFy Pilot Alphas

Strathairn rose to prominence with that nominated lead role in Good Night And Good Luck, but in general he's your usual, exceptionally handsome working actor

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