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New Bunraku Poster Says Yes To Blue But No To Creativity

A new poster has been released for the film over at Yahoo! Movies and it kind of misses the mark that a film of this style should be trying to hit. It feels very standardized, like it was simply a Photoshop “Movie Poster” template that the marketing team just switched some elements out on and then put it out. With a movie that has this pronounced a visual style, they had a lot of freedom to get away with some bonkers stuff, but instead they released what isn’t a terrible poster, but a really boring one.

Exclusive TIFF Interview: Bunraku Director Guy Moshe Makes His Crazy Labor Of Love

The look of the film is some crazy combination of puppet theater, video games, comic books and Hong Kong action; the added fact that this is all taking place in a world with no guns

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Josh Hartnett, Woody Harrelson And Ron Perlman Go Nuts In Bunraku

Check out the visually stunning images below, and check for our coverage of the Toronto Film Festival next month to see if a crazy cast and excellent visuals translate to a movie worth watching

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