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Lost Girl Preview: The Succubus Arrives At Syfy Tonight

Tonight, Syfy is set to premiere the Canadian supernatural crime drama series Lost Girl. The show will fittingly air following the return of Being Human, which is also supernatural-themed (and also sort of borrowed, except in this case, it isn’t a remake of another popular show).

Syfy Adds Three New Scripted Series Including Comic Adaptation Ghost Projekt

Syfy is on a roll with popular genre shows like Warehouse 13, Eureka, Haven and more recently Alphas, which can be added to that successful line-up with it being recently renewed for a second season. The channel also intends to roll out the first season of Lost Girl early next year, to coincide with the second season premiere of Being Human. So yeah, Syfy seems to be doing quite well for itself and, not surprisingly, they are keen to continue their original programming success by putting three new scripted series in development.

Lost Girl Preview: Syfy's Succubus Drama Premieres This January

Set to premiere on Syfy this January is Lost Girl, a series about a supernatural seductress named Bo. We have a clip from the series, which stars Anna Silk as a Succubus who’s trying to get by in today’s society by feeding of people’s sexual energy.

Syfy Brings The Sexy With Canadian Succubus Show Lost Girl

Unless you've boned up (ahem) on your folklore, you could be forgiven for not knowing what the hell a succubus is. As defined above, they were comely demons who ran around seducing hapless gentlemen, sometimes visiting multiple times and schtupping the poor dudes to death. Aside from sounding like an urban legend conjured up by a hopeful pubescent boy, it also sounds like a concept that could conceivably be developed as a TV series.

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