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Why Filming The Sex Scene For Gone Girl Was Wildly Awkward, According To Neil Patrick Harris

If you know anything about David Fincher, you probably know that he's quite the taskmaster while directing. Even during sex scenes.

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The Awesome Way Neil Patrick Harris Celebrated A Series Of Unfortunate Events' Renewal

Lots of fans were happy that Netflix renewed A Series of Unfortunate Events, but Neil Patrick Harris had the best response.

Will Neil Patrick Harris Reprise His DC Villain For The Flash/Supergirl Musical Crossover? Here's The Latest

NPH played a musical villain in Batman: The Brave and the Bold. But will he reprise it in live action for the Supergirl/Flash musical crossover?

21 Celebrities Show Off Their 'I Voted' Stickers

As the nation makes its voice heard this Election Day, so are some very famous faces. Take a look at all the stars who proudly flaunted their civic duty.

Check Out Neil Patrick Harris' Count Olaf For A Series Of Unfortunate Events

We now finally have our first good look at actor Neil Patrick Harris' take on the cunning and dastardly antagonist Count Olaf for Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events, and it's pretty great.

Matt Damon's Downsizing Has Put Together An Incredible Cast

Alexander Payne’s undeniably weird film Downsizing has assembled an absolutely A-list ensemble of actors led by none other than Matt Damon.

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Neil Patrick Harris' Next TV Role Will Be Incredible, Get The Details

Neil Patrick Harris has had a wonderful career in television, including his nine-year stint as Barney Stinson on CBS’s How I Met Your Mother. But, now that the show has been over for a couple of years, he’s ready to move on to another scripted show.

Neil Patrick Harris' Best Time Ever Has Been Canceled By NBC

Fall’s only live weekly TV show, Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris won’t be returning from hiatus. This marks one of the few shows this fall that a network has officially committed to cancelling.

The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes Of 2015

Halloween in the one day where we can let our inner freak flag fly and dress up as whoever or whatever we went. Even folks who pretend to be other people for a living want to get in on the action, and here are some of the best celebrity Halloween costumes.

Watch Neil Patrick Harris Do His Best Doogie Howser

It’s been ages since I’ve watched Doogie Howser M.D., but now I’m all about going back and reliving teenage Neil Patrick Harris try to have sex with people while sounding like Sean Connery after a balloon’s worth of helium.

Neil Patrick Harris Coming Back To Host The Oscars? Here's What He Said

Neil Patrick Harris hosted the Tony Awards four times, but it doesn’t look like he has the same resolve to return for the Oscars. The 2015 Academy Awards ceremony aired to mixed reviews, with the worst calling it the most boring awards show in recent memory. Given all the stress and hard work it takes to pull off theatrics of this magnitude, Harris’ future with hosting the Oscars is not bright.

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Watch Neil Patrick Harris Hilariously Reveal His Thomas The Tank Engine Obsession

The last time we saw Neil Patrick Harris, he was in his underwear and hosting the Oscars. And now he’s getting pissed off at kids who aren’t at the same level of Thomas the Tank Engine fandom that he is.

 Oscars 2015: What Did People Really Think Of Host Neil Patrick Harris?

Each year, the Oscars gives a host—or in some cases hosts—a shot at running the behemoth awards show. This year, Neil Patrick Harris was given a shot as the host, bringing pizzazz, magic and a musical number to the 87th annual Academy Awards.

The Oscars Cut The Word Hero Out Of An American Sniper Song Lyric

According to original lyrics by Frozen's Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, a line was actually supposed to read less ambiguously as "a hero of Afghanistan" instead of "a sniper in a combat zone."

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The 5 Best Moments At The 2015 Oscars

As long as the Oscars ceremony was on Sunday evening, I don’t think you could say that it ever dragged. (No, that is not a “rushing or dragging” joke, Whiplash fans.) As the ceremony stretched on into the night, there were more than a few standout moments that kept us engaged and entertained.

Oscar Winners: Get The Full List Of 2015 Academy Award Winners

Who's going to win big at the 2015 Academy Awards? Follow along with our Twitter stream and get the full list of Oscar Winners here!

Watch Neil Patrick Harris Strip For The Oscars' Wonderful Birdman Tribute

If you thought watching Michael Keaton march through Times Square in his tighty whities in Birdman was entertaining then you will most certainly be able to appreciate this little gem featuring the host of the 87th Academy Awards. Watch as Neil Patrick Harris re-enacts the iconic scene from Alejandro González Iñárritu's latest masterpiece.

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Watch The Incredible 2015 Oscars Opening Song

One can't imagine how nervous Neil Patrick Harris must have been backstage in the moments before the official start of this year's Academy Award ceremony, but all those jitters obviously left the stage once the show began. How do we know? Because his opening number, titled "Moving Pictures," is absolutely fantastic. Check it out inside!

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At Least One 2015 Oscar Musical Number Is Going To Be Awesome

Part of the what makes the Oscars ceremony so spectacular are the elaborate musical numbers. And if Neil Patrick Harris has anything to do with it, it won’t simply be something as misogynistic or toilet humor-y as Seth MacFarlane's "We Saw Your Boobs."

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10 Actors We Want To Star With Ben Affleck In David Fincher's Strangers On A Train

It’s been revealed that David Fincher, Gillian Flynn, and Ben Affleck are now reteaming for a remake of the Alfred Hitchcock classic Strangers on a Train, with Affleck set to play the movie’s protagonist. The big question that remains, however, is who will play opposite him as the film’s murder-trading villain.

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