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Reservoir Dogs: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About The Quentin Tarantino Cult Classic

Here's what you should know about the making of Quentin Tarantino's 1992 directorial debut, Reservoir Dogs.

18 Great Movies To Stream On Peacock

There are many great, even classic movies available to stream on Peacock. Here are just some worth seeking out.

The Cool Way Quentin Tarantino Nodded At Reservoir Dogs In Kill Bill
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Reservoir Dogs’ Michael Madsen Recreated That Infamous Ear Scene With His Family In Isolation

We're all finding ways to entertain ourselves during the pandemic.

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Ranking All Of Quentin Tarantino's Movies, Including Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
How Quentin Tarantino Convinced Tim Roth To Audition For Reservoir Dogs

Tim Roth recently revealed that he was initially hesitant to sign on as Mr. Orange in Quentin Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs, but the director had a plan to get him to sign on for the role.

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How Long Tim Roth Had To Lay On The Ground While Filming Reservoir Dogs

Reservoir Dogs is a small film in every sense of the word. It didn't cost a lot of money to make and most of the movie takes place in one location. And Tim Roth spends a lot of it on the floor.

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The 5 Key Films That Inspired Baby Driver, According To Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright is not just a great filmmaker, but clearly wears his love of movies on his sleeve. While each of his projects are unique, they are also crafted speaking a specific cinematic language designed by decades of legendary directors.

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The Legendary Horror Director Who Walked Out Of Reservoir Dogs, According To Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino has revealed that one famous horror director couldn't stomach the most famous scene from Reservoir Dogs.

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Why The First Screening Of Reservoir Dogs At Sundance Was A Disaster

Quentin Tarantino has recalled how Reservoir Dogs' first ever screening at Sundance was an absolute disaster. Dig into this great story.

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Reservoir Dog’s Most Iconic Scene Was Actually Improvised

It turns out that one of Reservoir Dogs' most iconic moments was actually improvised on the spot by the actors. Get the details!

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Reservoir Dogs Is Getting Another Video Game Adaptation

Gamers looking to party like it's 1992 will be excited to know that Quentin Tarantino's freshman effort, Reservoir Dogs, is set to be turned into a video game...again.

Why The Hateful Eight Script Leak Really Bothered Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino is known for being a visionary and visceral director. His films are unique in style, content, and (of course) violence. So, when the first draft of Hateful Eight was leaked onto the internet, Tarantino was understandably upset. In a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live he opened up about what that was like.

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Why Samuel L. Jackson Blew His Reservoir Dogs Audition

It’s hard to believe there was a time that Quentin Tarantino didn’t just give Samuel L. Jackson whatever role he wanted, but the first time they met in a professional capacity, it did not go well for the actor.

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10 Movies With No Problem Killing Off A Lot Of Characters

Here’s to the films that kill off most, if not all of their main characters and keep us all on our toes.

Visual Proof Movie Stars Look Cooler Walking In Slow Motion

The slow motion walking shot is undoubtedly the most conventional editing techniques in the business. This is especially true when depicting groups of neatly arranged cohorts just seeping swagger. Celebrating this week’s slow-mo-friendly cinematic debut of Entourage, this montage of movies demonstrates the art effectively.

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Why Kevin Smith Wouldn't Have A Career Without Quentin Tarantino

The following story not only tells you how Kevin Smith drew inspiration from Quentin Tarantino for Clerks, it's probably the only time you'll see Madonna and Star Wars mentioned in the same story. Unless you read a lot of British tabloids.

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Check Out This Early Footage Of Tarantino And Buscemi Rehearsing For Reservoir Dogs

The good folks at Screencrush uncovered a rarity on YouTube, posted above, that shows the early rehearsals for the film. Seen in the clip, a composite of three scenes from the film, are Steve Buscemi, putting the material together before shooting.

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Watch Every Quentin Tarantino Pop Culture Reference In Five Minutes

It's well known in the movie world that Quentin Tarantino never attended film school. Instead, the writer/director, who is actually a high school dropout, got his education working in a rental store and doing nothing but watching just about every title that the medium has to offer.

Alamo Drafthouse Gets Stuck In The Middle With Michael Madsen

There are some movie scenes that are simply so disturbing, they're burned into our memories. For me, the ear scene in Reservoir Dogs is high on the list. Maybe I'm just an old softy, but I always feel bad to the point of physically uncomfortable watching that poor guy strapped in the chair. The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema has used this cringe-inducing scene as part of their campaign to discourage cell phone usage during movies.

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