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Black Lightning Review: The CW's New Super-Drama Tells A Powerful And Electrifying Story

The CW's newest DC Comics drama mostly stands apart from TV's other superhero shows, and that's a great thing.

Happy! Review: Christopher Meloni Is A Bonkers Badass In Syfy's Weird New Comic Adaptation

Christopher Meloni returns to a leading role for Syfy's bizarre dark satire Happy!, and he's pretty outstanding.

Floribama Shore Review: MTV's Wild Reality Spinoff Is An Improved Jersey Shore For A New Generation

It won't take long for anyone who loved Jersey Shore to get attached to this southern cast.

Justice League Has Screened, Here's What James Wan Thinks

The director of the Aquaman solo movie finally got a chance to see Zack Snyder's Justice League and he has thoughts.

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Doom Review: Nintendo Switch Edition

The announcement that Doom was making the jump to the Nintendo Switch surprised a lot of people. While the game is a mostly successful translation, it doesn't make the leap without a few stumbles.

Future Man Review: Hulu's Time-Travel Comedy Delivers Hearty Laughs And Sci-Fi Fun

Hulu and Seth Rogen's team-up comedy, Future Man, is a success.

The Punisher Review: Jon Bernthal Is A Magnificent Beast In Marvel's Best TV Show Yet

The Punisher is almost here, and it is worth every bit of the wait.

Marvel's Runaways Review: Hulu's New Superhero Drama Gives The Comics A Slick And Moody Update

Marvel's next small screen universe has been unlocked with Hulu's Runaways. Check our review out to see if it'll be worth your time.

Alias Grace Review: Netflix's Adaptation Of Margaret Atwood's Iconic Novel Is Hauntingly Well-Executed

Methodically assembled and brutal without ever feeling gratuitous, Netflix's Alias Grace is a slow-burn, must-watch series for any fan of Margaret Atwood.

Jackbox Party Pack 4 Review

The Jackbox Party Pack has become a fantastic way to enjoy some fun games with a large group of people that don't require explaining overly complicated rules and steep learning curves. The newest bundle includes several new games.

Lifeline Review: YouTube Red's New Sci-Fi Thriller Is Like A Black Mirror Episode From The '90s

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is one of the producers behind this new and intriguing thriller with time travel at its core.

The Gifted Review: Even Without Any X-Men, Fox's New Marvel Mutant Drama Is A Ton Of Fun

Marvel is heading to Fox with The Gifted, and viewers should be pumped to watch this mutant story, even without Wolverine or Storm around to shake things up.

Big Mouth Review: Netflix's Coming-Of-Age Cartoon Is Hilariously Crude, Yet Shockingly Earnest

Netflix's Big Mouth is crude, vulgar, and downright nasty at times, but it has a ton of heart at its core if you can stomach the rest.

The Good Doctor Review: ABC's Inclusive Medical Drama Attempts A Fresh Take

Move over Meredith Grey, there's a new surgeon on ABC. And he's like nothing we've seen before.

SEAL Team Review: David Boreanaz Shines In CBS' New Military Drama

David Boreanaz has a new show, which is all some people need to know in order to tune in. Thankfully, SEAL Team is pretty decent for other reasons.

The Brave Review: NBC's Predictable New Military Drama Focuses More On Plot Than Characters

NBC's The Brave offers a somewhat exciting look at Special Ops missions, but without doing much to make viewers root for its characters.

Me, Myself And I Review: Bobby Moynihan Leads A Stellar Cast In CBS' Best New Comedy In Years

If anyone was worried whether Bobby Moynihan made a smart move leaving SNL for a new CBS comedy, set those worries aside.

Netflix's American Vandal Is A Must-Watch True Crime Parody Of Making A Murderer And Others

American Vandal doesn't just borrow the Making A Murderer style; it expertly recreates it in a near pitch-perfect satire.

Channel Zero: No-End House Review: Syfy's Horror Anthology Remains The Scariest Thing On TV

For anyone that slept on Channel Zero's first season, the Syfy anthology is back with No-End House, and to say that it's scary and disturbing is criminally understating things.

The Dark Tower Reviews Are In, Here’s What The Critics Are Saying

Fans have been waiting for a movie based on Stephen King's The Dark Tower series for years. Now that the film has finally come, was it worth the wait? Here's what reviewers think.

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