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Creed Singer Might Be Playing Frank Sinatra In A Movie, Because 2020 Isn't Over Yet

There's two weeks left in 2020, there's still time for things to get worse.

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A Ronald Reagan TV Series Is In The Works With His Daughter

A series about Ronald Reagan is happening thanks to his daughter.

Nicolas Cage Could Be Playing A Former President

Looking to the future, Cage may have an interesting opportunity in front of him, as he's supposedly been approached to play this former U.S. President.

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Will Ferrell Bails On Ronald Reagan Comedy About Alzheimer's

Well, that didn’t take long. Will Ferrell has dropped out of the Ronald Reagan comedy about the president battling Alzheimer’s while in office after announcing his involvement on Wednesday...probably a good call.

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Will Ferrell Is Making a Comedic Ronald Reagan Movie, And It Sounds Awesome

Will Ferrell's got a pretty great impression of former President George W. Bush, but now he's ready to play another famous president, but maybe not how you expect.

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Ridley Scott Attached to Cold War Drama Reykjavik

Scott has signed on to the Cold War drama Reykjavik for Headline and Participant Media. Kevin Hood’s script involves a pivotal meeting between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev that took place during the 1980s and helped bring an end to the Cold War conflict that gripped the United States and Russia

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A Biopic About Ronald Reagan Is Now In The Works

Only two years removed from our last film about a recent Republican president, Oliver Stone's W., another one is in the works. THR reports that a Ronald Reagan biopic has entered development

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