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A decision on whether or not radio hosts Mel Greig and Michael Christian will ever return to the airwaves hasn’t yet been made by 2Day FM parent company Southern Cross Austereo, but the Australian media giant has officially decided to cancel the program, “Hot 30 Countdown”, that aired the now infamous Queen Elizabeth prank call to King Edward VII hospital. The decision was made by SCA earlier today in a lengthy statement that also banned all future prank calls on the station but stopped short of accepting any responsible for royal nurse Jacintha Saldanha’s death.

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, authorization was given by the station’s internal legal department to broadcast the prank phone call, and SCA’s legal experts are convinced the station didn’t do anything against the law. That being said, executives are obviously taking the matter very seriously. All advertising on 2Day FM was suspended over the weekend, and all internal protocols on matters dealing with the general public are being addressed. As of press time, it’s unclear whether the SCA will formally sit down with King Edward VII Hospital to work things out, but with a British inquiry expected over Saldanha’s death in the near future, it’s likely some talks will be conducted.

Duping two poor nurses into revealing personal information about Duchess Catherine’s pregnancy while secretly on the radio wasn’t the most mature or decent thing to do, but there’s no way anyone involved in the prank could have known it would lead to one of the nurses taking her own life.

Pop Blend’s sincerest thoughts go out to everyone affected by this troubling situation, especially Jacintha's two children.