Two years ago, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s brother, Dan, tragically passed away. Not surprisingly, the actor has shied away from discussing what happened to his sibling publically, but earlier today, he briefly broke his silence in order to correct something featured in this month’s GQ profile.

In the piece, author Amy Wallace touches on Dan and Joseph’s joint project hitRECord, an open-collaborative production company. While doing so, she says the former “died of an alleged drug overdose”. Obviously, that didn’t sit well with Gordon-Levitt; so, he took to his website this morning to clear the air and vent some frustration. You can take a look at an excerpt below…
Using the word “alleged” technically allows the writer to say whatever she wants. The “allegations” to which she must be referring were made by a handful of gossip websites. They are factually incorrect according to the coroner’s office and the police department.

Another man in Gordon-Levitt’s position might have really taken it to GQ over the comment, but throughout his response, the Inception star is actually very calm and collected. He even thanks the magazine for running a profile on him and cites a few people by name.

The actor still hasn’t said how exactly his brother died, but he does touch a bit on the man’s positives during his note. Dan was apparently “bright”, “caring” and “inspiring”, and Gordon-Levitt still cares for him deeply.

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