There are 843 lbs. of moon rocks on Earth. This sort of seems like a lot when you consider the average moon rock is like the size of a finger. However, when you calculate the fact there are a few large moon rocks out there, and then consider how many museums there are in the world that could potentially hold a moon rock and how many actually have obtained a moon rock, 843 lbs. starts to seem a whole lot smaller.

Which is why it is pretty damn rare when a lost moon rock turns up. Rarer than coming across an Emerald Ash Borer or getting to shoot a Gatling Gun. On Wednesday morning the rare happened as a worker sifted through boxed memorabilia belonging to President Clinton. The Arkansas Central Library System employee was going through document after document when he found one labeled “plaque.” A few short seconds later, the man was holding a priceless artifact. That's a two-beer day if there ever was one.

According to CNN, the rock is a Goodwill Moon Rock brought back from the Apollo 17 mission. 50 rocks were distributed to 50 states and Arkansas has been deprived of its gift for 30 years. Luckily, Arkansas was given another moon rock on a different mission, so the state isn't totally bereft, merely deficient.

I would say it's pretty bizarre a moon rock ended up in President Clinton's memorabilia, but honestly, that seems rational compared to most other alternatives. All I know is there is a museum curator somewhere who is probably fuming over good ol' Bill's mishap. Good thing the ex-prez already has more apparent personal shortcomings, or I'd say this thumb-sized moon rock might come back to bruise him.

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