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I’m not sure anyone expected One Direction singer Harry Styles to go low key for his birthday, but his over the top extravaganza is still generating plenty of controversy among fans. Accompanied by Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw, Pixie Geldof, Miquita Oliver and dozens of other friends, the newly minted nineteen-year-old hit up Rita’s Bar and Dining in East London and the group reportedly plowed through ten bottles of wine, several bottles of champagne, almost one hundred margaritas and almost two dozen Jagerbombs in a crazy three-hour party that also featured a stripper.

According to The Daily Mail, the stripper was organized by Grimshaw, and while the partygoers tried to get her to remove all of her clothing, she was forced to keep her underwear on as a result of the bar’s no nudity policy. Still, she gave Styles quite a happy birthday lapdance, and by all accounts, was a nice surprise for those in attendance.

If ever Taylor Swift needed reassurance that going in a different direction from Styles was the right call, this event would seem to offer it. Clearly, there’s nothing wrong with a nineteen-year-old having a good time to celebrate his birthday, but such shenanigans should offer most twenty-three-year-olds trying to settle down a reminder of how big that four year age gap can be between immediately after high school and a half decade removed from high school.

Here’s to hoping Styles has as much single dude fun as he can over the next few years and thus, has no regrets whenever he meets the right woman to settle down with.