Life is really really complicated. While some decisions can be reasoned out, an overwhelming majority of choices basically fall into some kind of gray area. When unconventional paths are taken related to procreating with multiple people, those intensely complicated choices can get even more lose-lose, which is the exact situation Lauren Silverman now seems to be in.

Details of her ongoing divorce negotiations with soon-to-be ex-husband Andrew Silverman haven’t been made public, but according to TMZ, Lauren is now wrestling with two possible choices. First, she could stay in New York City and likely be awarded primary custody or at least partial custody of her seven-year-old son, or she could move to Beverly Hills with new boyfriend/ baby daddy Simon Cowell to start fresh but likely lose the chance to see her son on a regular basis. Either way, one of her children is going to be separated from their father by more than two thousand miles.

Right now, Lauren is reportedly leaning toward staying in New York. She’s apparently working on getting her own apartment, but the situation definitely hasn’t been settled. The idea of moving to Los Angeles where the media spotlight would be largely drowned out is reportedly very appealing to her, as is the idea of giving it a real go with Cowell.

As a mother, Silverman needs to think about what is in the best interests of her children. There’s no way a judge will let her move her seven-year-old to LA and maintain primary custody. That’s not going to happen. So, she either needs to fight for a custody agreement that would allow the child to spend every Summer with her or she needs to be mentally okay with either flying back to New York and spending time with her son in this new apartment every other weekend or she needs to stay in New York.

On the one hand, I can see why Lauren would want to move away from the couples she and Andrew hung out with during their marriage. I can see why she would want to move away from the army of photographers outside her apartment, and I can see why she would want to see whether what she’s shared with Simon can last over the long haul. On the other hand, however, I can see why she would want to fight for the child she actually knows at this point rather than open the mystery box of the possible relationship with Simon. I can see why she would want to stay put.

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