Simon Cowell Prefers Black Toilet Paper, Is That Weird?

Simon Cowell might seem to hog the attention at times on X Factor, but away from the bright lights, the judge is actually a fiercely private person. He’s long refused all interviews related to relationships and quirks, and many suspected he’d go the rest of his life without ever getting too personal. As it turns out, those theories have been proven false—kind of.

In a new work written by Tom Bower, some of the former American Idol judge’s strange little secrets are revealed. Entitled Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life Of Simon Cowell, the book spends the majority of its time focusing on its subject’s pathological need to succeed, as well as his vicious falling out with Simon Fuller over the created by credit on Idol. Hard feelings still linger, but it’s not those angry words that are attracting the most early buzz.

It seems Cowell routinely receives Botox injections, gets colonic irrigations and vitamin drips, and perhaps most bizarrely, exclusively uses black toilet paper in his own home. According to CBS, his publicist told him not to sit down with Bower, but something about the idea intrigued him. He obviously moved forward with the interviews, but whether he regrets it now after some of his dirty laundry was aired in public is debatable.

The unauthorized biography hit stores earlier this week. I’m sure there’s a whole lot more in there of interest, but I still can’t get past this black toilet paper thing. Do other people actually do this? How much more money does it cost? Does it feel different? These are questions I need to know. Until then, vote in the poll below to let us know you weird you think the black toilet paper thing is…

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