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The Coolest Batman Collectibles On eBay Right Now

Every couple of years, a new filmmaker takes audiences back to the dark and gloomy world of Gotham City for a different interpretation of Batman and his colorful rogues gallery. The most recent feature comes to us from Cloverfield helmer Matt Reeves, who catches up with Batman (Robert Pattinson) early in his crime fighting career, and pits him against The Riddler (Paul Dano) in a battle for the soul of the city. 

Once you get home from the movie theater, having seen The Batman, you likely are going to seek cool Batman collectibles to extend the sensation of living in Gotham, if even for a few hours. So we have teamed up with eBay to find 15 cool collectibles made for casual, as well as die-hard, fans of the Caped Crusader. They range from comic books to Batman cowls, and they are nothing more than a click away, so start shopping.

Batman and the Batmobile in The Batman

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Batmobile Through The Ages

The Batmobile has been Batman’s vehicle of choice ever since his earliest days defending Gotham City from his various villains. And the coolest aspect of the Batmobile is that every director who takes a crack at the Dark Knight redesigns the classic car, giving fans an assortment of options to add to their collections.

Detective Comics #48: Considered a “crown jewel” of any comic book collection, this issue of Detective Comics features the first mention of the Batmobile, and the car looks completely different than anything you would expect. Because the book is so rare, mint-condition copies can run as high as $7,000 for one issue, but reprints can also be found on eBay with a little searching.     

The Batman Batmobile: Robert Pattinson drives a stripped down muscle car through The Batman, and the vehicle gets an incredible showcase as part of a chase scene between Batman and The Penguin (Colin Farrell). If you want to own one, the small Jada Toys Die-Cast 1:32 Scale model is larger than a Matchbox car, and comes with a miniature Batman figure.

LEGO DC The Batman Batmobile Tumbler: Christopher Nolan put a unique stamp on the Caped Crusader when he grounded Bruce Wayne and Batman in the reality of a billionaire whose company would have access to military tech. The Tumbler was an experimental tank of a vehicle that Bruce (Christian Bale) recommissioned as his Batmobile, and you can get it on eBay in LEGO form

Catwoman peering at jewel locked in glass case

(Image credit: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment)

Catwoman: Hero, Villain, Or Anti-Hero

Zoe Kravitz slides into the role of Selina Kyle opposite Robert Pattinson’s Batman, and in this case, she’s mostly a friend to the crimefighter. She does have her own goals, and sometimes they put her at odds with Batman. These three collectible comics capture the different sides of Catwoman.

When In Rome (Hardcover): Spinning out of the events of Batman: The Long Halloween, and taking place concurrently with Batman: Dark Victory, this six-issue miniseries follows along with Selina Kyle as she travels to Rome to uncover information about her biological parents.

Catwoman Vol. 3 #16: When it comes to crime, Batman fans most closely identify Catwoman as a thief (or, more accurately, a cat burglar). But let’s not forget, she has a history that includes murder. In Catwoman #16, the villain ends up killing the crime boss Roman Sionis a.k.a. Black Mask by knocking him off a balcony, making it a notable issue for any collection. Also, Catwoman Vol. 3 is often available on eBay for an affordable price, making it an easier target for new collectors.

Gotham City Sirens #1 (2009): After coming back from the dead in the comics (it’s a long story), Catwoman quickly got to work getting her revenge on those who wronged her. As part of the process, she starts up a fun new relationship with some of Gotham’s great femme fatales: Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Together they are the Gotham City Sirens, and this is the comic that launched their very own series.

John Glover as the Riddler on Batman: The Animated Series

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

The Best Batman Villains

Without question, Batman has the most recognizable, infamous, and dangerous collection of antagonists ever to be found in the comic book genre. Some of them, like The Joker, have even gone on to star in standalone movies of their own. Collectors looking to start a Batman section can find great deals centered around these colorful characters.

Lego Classic The Riddler Minifigure: Batman has a long history with LEGO, so collectors often are looking for vintage and hard-to-find versions of DC figures in LEGO form. This Riddler stems from the video game series that won over fans in the mid-2000s, and is closer in tone to Jim Carrey’s interpretation from Batman Forever than Paul Dano’s. Grab this one on eBay if you prefer the lighter side of Batman’s world.

Macfarlane Toys DC Multiverse The Penguin: There are a number of villains standing in Robert Pattinson’s way in The Batman. Some are front and center. Others, like The Penguin, occupy the shadows and plot how to take down The Bat in deceptive ways. The new movie hints at larger roles for Penguin in possible sequels, so grabbing a collectible action figure now might be a very good idea.  

Macfarlane Toys DC Multiverse The Riddler: Paul Dano’s version of The Riddler is nothing like Jim Carrey’s previous interpretation, which is exactly what makes his villain so fascinating. If you want to honor his unique take on this terrifying villain, grab a Macfarlane action figure. Just be prepared to tell people it’s not The Zodiac Killer. 

1995 SkyBox Batman Master Villain Trading Cards: Batman has a litany of villains that are beloved by fans, but that doesn’t negate that they are also a sincerely scary bunch. These trading cards feature artwork that perfectly accentuates the terror they can inspire, and they are the perfect collector’s item after seeing Matt Reeve’s dark new adaptation featuring several of these villains.

Batman: The Long Halloween: There are countless, excellent graphic novels to pick up if you want to wade into the grim darkness of Gotham City. But it’s Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s The Long Halloween that makes the best use of Batman’s complete rogue’s gallery, and also serves as a clear influence on Matt Reeves’ new film. Grab a copy if you really vibe with Batman True-Crime detective stories, but also want the menace that comes from the inclusion of Catwoman, Joker, and Carmine Falcone – all pivotal characters in The Batman.

Ben Affleck suited up as Batman in BvS banner

(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Batman, Himself, Is Always Interesting

OK, forget the cars, the villains, and the elements of Gotham that stand out. We’re all here because we love Batman, and are ready to bulk up our collections that are dedicated to the Dark Knight. Here are a few items to get you going.

Detective Comics #27: When it comes to Batman collectibles, you simply can’t beat Detective Comics #27, which is the very first appearance of the Caped Crusader himself (in addition to Police Commissioner Jim Gordon). We bought a reprint of this classic book that was worth a little under $100, but there is a first edition of this comic going for $3 million on eBay right now, so you know it’s a pretty big deal. 

Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice Cowl Mask: Who doesn’t want to pretend to be Batman? I promise, you will come out of The Batman and drive your car a little bit faster, while also putting some gravel into your voice as you whisper to loved ones. Enhance the effect by picking up one of the many Batman cowls available for collectors on eBay. They come in all shapes and sizes, from a Michael Keaton-inspired cowl to the Ben Affleck version from Zack Snyder’s Dawn of Justice.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns: Batman has continually been reinvented over the years. He’s always the same character at his core, but new generations and new authors have made him exciting by exploring different elements of his personality and making some changes. Never has that been more true than with Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, a seminal graphic novel available on eBay as we speak.

LEGO DC The Batman Batcave: The Riddler Face-Off: Batman dwells in his lair, which is loaded with technology that he uses to solve the various crimes around Gotham. This new LEGO set is modeled after the new Batcave in The Batman, which is actually an abandoned train station beneath the streets of Gotham. Cool for every collection.

There are thousands of available The Batman collectibles now on eBay. Whether you are looking for comics, toys, or trading cards, it’s the first stop for shoppers looking to beef up their Batman collections. 

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