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A couple of weeks ago a man was fired on the set of Charlie’s Angels after slapping Minka Kelly on the rear. At the time, losing his job was probably a huge setback that pissed off both him and his wife. I bet he’s laughing now that ABC has canceled the series after airing only four episodes.

Though Charlie’s Angels actually posted slightly better ratings this week (up from a 1.2 to a 1.3 rating), it wasn’t enough to enable the show to stay afloat. The news is not good for anyone involved in production, but especially not for Kelly, who’s having an off year. Her relationship with Derek Jeter ended recently, she had to deal with a butt-slapping, and now the series that was supposed to launch her as a TV lead has been canceled. She probably can’t even pull a Jason Ritter and return to Parenthood now that her series has failed, since her character on the NBC program also made a poor move and slept with someone she shouldn’t have.

It’s not all bad news. According to Deadline, eight episodes of Charlie’s Angels have already been made and ABC plans to air them. It’s still not enough for a DVD set, but maybe it’ll be enough to earn Kelly and the other Angels guest-starring roles on programs later in the season. Kelly’s certainly got the goods. I’d hate to see her out on the street trying to win over another baseball player. Or worse. There’s always projects like The Roommate out there.