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HBO's new series Westworld has been blowing the minds of viewers week in and week out since it debuted in the beginning of October. The sci fi show boasts a unique premise, high production values, and a fantastic cast. Only four episodes have aired so far, but star Evan Rachel Wood has already come out to tease what we can expect in the last two hours of Westworld Season 1. She had this to say about the end of the first season:

It will only continue to get more and more intense and more relentless....I thought when the show aired, it would relieve some of that, but now the anticipation of wanting everyone to know the secrets so I can stop having to bear them by myself is what I'm also looking forward to. I can tell you that the surprises will floor you. Certainly prepare for [Episodes] 9 and 10 to have your heart broken and your mind blown. And that's really all I can say. I'm just over the moon about it.

The show is based on the 1973 film Westworld. It takes place in a technologically-advanced amusement part called Westworld, which is Western-themed and filled with androids known as hosts. Guests who shell out the big bucks to visit Westworld are allowed to do whatever they want to whatever hosts they want within the park. Evan Rachel Wood plays Dolores, who is one of the hosts of Westworld. She has spent the first few episodes figuring out that not everything is as it seems within the park.

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It's almost hard to imagine how the show could continue to build and build on its intensity as the first season continues. The combination of plot, cinematography, and performances have turned Westworld into a show so gorgeous that it can almost feel like a sensory overload at times. So much has already happened that many of us have already come up with plenty of theories about just what's going on behind the scenes at Westworld with the humans as well as the hosts.

If the action is as intense and relentless as Evan Rachel Wood promises, her admission in her chat with The Huffington Post that she's ready to be able to talk about the twists makes a lot of sense. She has access to what seem to be huge spoilers that will influence the direction of the show for what could be many seasons. Unlike Natalie Dormer and her methods for avoiding spoilers during her time on Game of Thrones, Evan Rachel Wood doesn't seem to have the option to skip on reading big chunks of each script. She evidently knows everything that's going to happen, and I definitely don't envy her needing to keep those secrets over the coming weeks.

You can catch new episodes of Westworld on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. If you haven't tried it yet, check out our list of reasons why you need to watch the series ASAP.

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