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HBO's original programming has always pushed boundaries and typically faired very well with critics. As such, TV viewers can essentially watch HBO shows all year round, as season premiers usually air right after other shows' finales. Case in point: the new sci-fi series Westworld, which many were hoping would replace Game of Thrones once it finishes its final two (short) seasons. Westworld has been a wild, confusing, and stunning ride thus far, leading many to wonder if a second (and probably third and fourth) season will be produced. Now HBO has finally addressed any current plans, and how the network is feeling toward the new show's reception.

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HBO's president of programming Casey Bloys recently addressed a few of the network's issues. Regarding Westworld's future, Bloys said the following (via Variety):

I want to get a very complete picture of the ratings, which seem to be doing very well, so we're happy with that. [The executive producers are] going to talk to us about what they envision a second season being. But right now I would say it's looking really good. We're very pleased with how it's doing.

Well this certainly looks promising. HBO is super psyched about how Westworld is doing, so there's really no reason they wouldn't renew the series for a second season. Cue the applause.

Westworld is truly like nothing else we've seen on TV, aside from Joss Whedon's Dollhouse. HBO managed to assemble an outstanding cast of A-listers, including Evan Rachel Wood, Anthony Hopkins, James Marsden, and Thandie Newton. Each episode is shot like a movie, and the audience is comfortable enough to suspend their disbelief and accept being utterly confused during the majority of each episode. The story continues to grow in unexpected ways, and one season is definitely not going to be enough to truly answer all the questions we have.

It should be interesting to see where Season 2 of Westworld goes. To start, it might be possible that not all of the cast is keen to return. Movie stars generally find the schedule of shooting TV to be grueling, so it would make sense if some characters had to be written off in order to make Season 2 work.

The obvious choice for Season 2 is to include some of the other "worlds". In the sequel to the Westworld movie, there are other parks besides the one set in the Wild West. Spaworld, Futureworld, Medievalworld, and Ancient Romanworld are all other parks that guests can enter and live their immersive vacation within. This opens the door for a ton of new seasons on HBO, as each world could be explored and interacted with. As season one of Westworld draws to a close, we'll see if/how they set up the sophomore season. Fingers crossed it runs for a long time.

Westworld airs Sundays on HBO.

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