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Watch Out Syfy, HBO May Get Into Space Dramas Next

This fall saw the release of Westworld on HBO, a hands down success that went on to become a global pop culture phenomenon. The sci-fi drama broke more than a few records for HBO and the network is looking to bottle some more lightning with another show from super-producer J.J. Abrams. With another sci-fi show in the works, Syfy -- the once de facto home for the genre -- may want to watch its back.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, HBO is once again teaming up with J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot, which produced the biggest pop culture hit of the year (sorry Stranger Things) in the form of Westworld. The success of that sci-fi drama has apparently inspired HBO to add more of the genre to its catalog of programs. The new project is titled Glare, "an hourlong drama exploring the colonization of another planet." Extremely little else is known, seeing as how the project is in the earliest stages of development, but it's a pretty nerdy leap for HBO to take; colonizing space is a step away from robot cowboys.

With both Game of Thrones and Westworld each dominating Internet chatter for an hour and then some each week, HBO has slowly positioned itself to becoming a genre powerhouse. With it's higher budget, and big name talent both in front and behind the camera, few networks even have the ability to stand with HBO. Its recent shift to science fiction dramas could spell trouble for Syfy, a network that has also been working to produce more high concept sci-fi programs.

In recent years, Syfy has been making a push to live up to its name and produce more hard-hitting dramas with high concept science fiction. One of its more notable efforts came in the release of shows like Ascension and The Expanse, both of which took place in outer space. While fans didn't react too well to Ascension's big twist, The Expanse is loved by fans and critics. However, that doesn't mean it can stand toe to toe with HBO, which typically garners more attention. Syfy has to make due with a lower budget and it typically has a reputation for being campy (looking at you, Sharknado!). Not to say that it can't produce quality genre shows with TV budgets -- the CW does it every week -- but it has to work twice as hard as HBO for even half the attention.

Time will tell if Glare can reach the levels of Westworld, but with HBO casting a mighty tall shadow, Syfy will have to work overtime if it wants to keep up. There's no release date for Glare but stick with CinemaBlend and we'll keep you updated. In the meantime, check out our midseason TV release schedule to learn when all your shows are coming back.

Matt Wood

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