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Lots of TV shows feature twists where one character is revealed to be someone else entirely, but nothing out there does it quite like Westworld, thanks to the HBO drama's large population of android hosts with malleable memories and personalities. One of the more interesting side characters in Season 1 was Peter Abernathy, as played by Louis Herthum, as his host was not only Delores' father but also the mysterious Professor and perhaps more. Herthum was upped to a series regular for Season 2, and he shared his thoughts about Peter's future.

You know, he's carrying around 35 years of data, so there's actually very little space on his hard drive left. He only has a small semblance of a personality. So in the future, he may not even be Peter anymore, he could get wiped clean. They could make him this socially inept character, or it could turn out he's been under the control of Charlotte and Sizemore, who knows?

If he's got 35 years' worth of host knowledge in him, then he'll still likely have all of Peter's memories and instincts, just mixed with all kinds of other presumably sadistic thoughts and urges. But it's probably true that Louis Herthum is finished playing a rancher and father of Evan Rachel Wood's host. After all, there was already a new Papa Peter Abernathy in place after this version was taken out of the storyline. And Delores has bigger plans anyway.

The actor mentions Peter (or whatever name he'd go by) potentially being under control of Charlotte and the pompous narrative creator Sizemore, which would obviously make sense, as they were the ones who pulled him back out of cold storage. But is there a chance that the character would actually be under the full control of anyone without Ford's influence entering the mechanics in some form or fashion? Also, I really want to see some flashbacks of The Professor's time as a Shakespeare-quoting madman, before those characters even got there.

Since we're still far ahead of Season 2 going hard into production, the details about the story are pretty non-existent, and Louis Herthum makes it clear in his talk with ScreenerTV that being promoted doesn't give him any specific insight or information about the show, so it's entirely possible that Peter could be used as a lamp stand throughout Season 2. But it would be a pretty interesting lamp stand if Herthum's next comment comes true. (And not the part about being out of the park.)

I would love to see him out of the park, out in the real world... although who knows what's real anymore! But you know, a lot of my scenes in Season 1, I was naked. So regardless of what happens, I'll probably be naked again!

Peter is such a fitting name in that respect. Unfortunately, Westworld won't be back on HBO for a long while, as we'll likely be waiting until some point in 2018 to possibly see more nudity in Season 2. Until then, though, check out everything we know about it, as well as everything coming to the small screen soon with our midseason premiere schedule and our summer TV guide.

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