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Stephen Colbert has been pushing the envelope more and more with The Late Show in recent months. His late night show has received a huge bump in the ratings in the wake of the 2016 presidential election that put Colbert back in the arena of comedic political commentary. Of course, not everybody has found his comments enjoyable, but The Late Show has gone to some pretty entertaining places lately. Now, Stephen Colbert has literally gone to another place, although it's difficult to say just how entertaining it will be for him. Yes, Colbert has evidently gone to Russia for The Late Show. Check him out!

The photo (as posted on Stephen Colbert's verified Twitter account) shows Colbert ambling along a street that definitely doesn't look like anywhere in the United States. He shared the pic in response to Donald Trump's tweets about tapes of his conversations that may or may not exist. Colbert has gotten a lot of mileage in his opening monologues out of Trump's tweets, so it's only fitting that he reveals his trip to Russia to the president via social media.

Of course, there was the chance that somebody at The Late Show had simply digitally inserted a picture of Stephen Colbert into a photo of a Russian street, but we now know differently. CinemaBlend received confirmation from a CBS representative that Colbert is indeed "in Russia on an assignment for a future broadcast." There was no Photoshop trickery that placed Colbert in Russia; he's really there, and we can bet that some entertaining footage will come out of his trip.

The footage likely won't be too pleasing to either Donald Trump or Russian leader Vladimir Putin. Stephen Colbert doesn't hold back on mocking either of them on The Late Show, and he even faced public backlash when he went on a late night tirade about them that had some people calling for him to get the axe from CBS. Even then, Colbert would only say that he would choose a few different words if he had to deliver that monologue again. It wasn't exactly a profound apology, and while the phrase "cock holster" has not become a part of his nightly vocabulary, he's still enthusiastically hard on Trump.

Interestingly, Stephen Colbert's tweet to Donald Trump comes shortly after he and guest Seth Rogen started tweeting Donald Trump Jr. via direct message during an interview. We'll have to wait and see if either father or son chooses to answer Colbert now or once The Late Show airs whatever he's filming in Russia. Something tells me it's not an interview with Vladimir Putin. Colbert is definitely no Megyn Kelly.

Hopefully we don't have to wait too long before we get a glimpse of Stephen Colbert's Russia footage. Who knows? Maybe it will be enough to boost and keep him back on top of the late night ratings. New episodes of The Late Show air on weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET. Swing by our summer TV premiere schedule to see everything else you can watch now and coming up.

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