How Westworld's Home Release Is Making History


It feels like a lifetime ago since the Season 1 finale of Westworld, but while we continue to (somewhat) patiently wait for Season 2, fans will soon get to relive the hit series in an all-new way. The HBO western drama is arriving on home release soon, and while it will no doubt come with all sorts of special features explaining the elaborate creative process of making the show, the home release will also be making serious TV history. Westworld is about to become the best looking series on DVD because it's the first TV show to be released in 4K resolution on Ultra HD Blu-ray.

From the beginning, we wanted to shoot in film --- the traditional format for the Western. I grew up with my brother [director Christopher Nolan] shooting on film, and felt it remained the best image capture system available. But it's hard to reproduce the beauty of what we're getting in a broadcast environment. I'm very excited about the presentation we were able to do on HBO, but with UHD and HDR we were able to do something that's much more faithful to what we're shooting and get closer to the texture and density of colors of the film that we're making.

Westworld is already a gorgeous looking series, but it's about to jump to a whole new level. The hit TV show is about to release in 4K resolution on Ultra HD Blu-ray, making it the first TV series to ever release in this manner. Making sure that Westworld would be a beautiful show was important to showrunner Jonathan Nolan, who shot the Western on film. Now, he and his team are amplifying that natural beauty with the home release. He told Entertainment Weekly that people who buy the Blu-ray will see the show as he always envisioned. It'll be like you're actually in Westworld with all the cold humanity and murder.

It's no big surprise that Westworld is shooting for the moon in style. Jonathan Nolan is of course a Nolan, who are kind of known for their devotion to shooting on film. His brother, Christopher Nolan, notably shot his most recent film, Dunkirk, on IMAX 65 mm, so this film looked gorgeous up on a big screen. Jonathan Nolan also revealed that he commissioned a sound team to remaster the entire season of Westworld's score for the Dolby Atmos format. That means that the home release is going to both look and sound terrific, making it a must own for any fan of the show.

Despite the massive buzz Westworld acquired during Season 1, fans have had to wait patiently for Season 2. The belated season won't be airing on HBO until sometime in 2018. While they may not be about robot cowboys, there are plenty of other shows out there waiting to be watched, and you can find them all on our fall TV season guide!

Matt Wood

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