For TV fans who love a good guessing game -- or dozens of guessing games, to put it more fittingly -- then HBO's Westworld is likely a savory feast. Season 2 looks to be just as meticulously enigmatic with its plotting, even without fake spoilers being used, and the densely packed trailer below is positively full of details that could inspire episode-length conversations about meanings and motivations. So put on your thinking caps, in the shape of The Man in Black's hat, of course, and get to watching!

Did you guys watch it three times in a row like I may or may not have? And do you now also have a million questions about what we're meant to expect in Season 2? If not, then I have to suspect you of being someone within Delores' cabal, and please don't hurt me.

Back to the trailer, though, and all the intriguing and mystifying visual and audio information therein. We technically know very little about Season 2, but we expect to see the increasingly self-aware hosts staging even bigger revolts against both the guests within the parks and the designers and technicians bringing it all to life. The trailer isn't as bloody or horrific as I expected it to be -- I mean, we did see a robo-bull running through the labs in the last trailer -- but there are more than enough hints of impending doom and danger to make it all extremely unsettling. Especially when Delores laughs at the end in questioning why Bernard would be frightened of her. Chills, people!

Throughout the trailer, we get hints of new locations that we haven't been privy to before, and we also see old locations in new contexts. And several times, there are seemingly disconnected moments that could have big implications, such as what looks like host Peter Abernathy walking around outside the park in a resort setting. And Maeve getting some up close and personal moments with her "daughter." And then this area, where that Ghost Nation savage seems to have found himself either a hostage or a new recruit. (Could that possibly be a dehydrated and sunburned Logan, who also shows up elsewhere in the trailer?)

westworld person against tree

But even if that wasn't Ben Barnes' Logan seen there, we do know that Logan's former park-mate and assumed brother-in-law William will be there. In his younger, Jimmi Simpson form, too, and not just his grizzled Ed Harris iteration. It's not like we have to worry about William dying at this age or anything, but I still want him to be careful for some reason. It's probably because he's in a park full of artificially intelligent murderers.

william westworld season 2

So what does Bernard's dream mean? What is Clementine up to? Will the show release Ramin Djawadi's orchestral version of Nirvana's "Heart-Shaped Box" to the public? (Yes, they did.) With these questions and many more floating in our heads, we could not be more pumped to see Westworld returning to HBO for Season 2 on Sunday, April 22, at 9:00 p.m. ET. Head to our midseason premiere schedule and our summer premiere schedule to see what other new and returning shows are on the way.

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