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We still have a few months to wait for Fox to bring Touch back for Season 2. Three months as of yesterday, in fact, which doesn't seem so bad. And while we're reaching for the bright side, there's one more reason to look forward to the return of Touch. 24's Annie Wersching is set to guest star in the series' second season in an episode that will air at some point this spring.

In Seasons 7 and 8 of 24, Annie Wersching's character, Renee, proved to be a capable and observant FBI special agent. 24 spoiler alert! She also made the list of women among Jack's ill-fated romances, and managed to give Jack a rare bit of action during the eighth season, not long before she met a post-coital demise by a sniper's bullet. It was probably Jack's fault for daring to have sex amidst during one of his bad days. Rough endings aside, Renee and Jack were a good match and more relevant to this news, there was decent chemistry between Wersching and Kiefer Sutherland, so it's good to hear that they're reuniting on Sutherland's current series.

According to EW, Wersching will play Dr. Kate Gordon, "a smart and caring family therapist specializing in early childhood trauma and behavioral issues." Sounds like just the right kind of character to cross paths with Sutherland's Martin, who is the father of a son who doesn't speak but has an extraordinary gift with numbers.

Not to be greedy, but this news has me wishing we'd hear word that Mary Lynn Rajskub were going to appear on Touch. Jack and Chloe back together, even for one episode would be wonderful!

Touch returns February 1 on Fox.