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Apparently the world is capable of turning without Jack Bauer there to push it, and Fox is definitely ready to move forward with another installment of 24 without Kiefer Sutherland’s dammit-spewing hero at the head. It looks like we’ll have an all-new agent around to stop the terrorists no matter what the government has to say about it, should the in-development 24 spinoff come to fruition. And of course it’s going to come to fruition.

Franchise producer Howard Gordon announced last month that another round of 24 was in the cards, and he gave a few more details to TVLine at the Critics’ Choice TV Awards this weekend. According to Gordon, there will be another male hunting down the bad guys, though this one will still be in his 20s and likely not already exhibiting superheroic talents. Guiding this new antihero will be an older female agent with far more expertise. Expect some head-butting to happen.

Gordon apparently confirmed that the older female will not be 24: Live Another Day star Yvonne Strahovski, who played CIA field operative Kate Morgan. But they aren’t ruling out possible appearances from Kate in the new project, assuming her own work schedule would allow it.

Speaking of people who may or may not be coming back, the “is he in or is he out?” Kiefer Sutherland could still be a part of this. Gordon said their intention is to have Jack Bauer come into the story at different points as a guest star, presumably offering up guidance that doesn’t just involve yelling at Chloe to help everyone. Speaking of the analyst, there’s still no word on whether actress Mary Lynn Rajskub would be coming back. (But she has to, right?)

As far as what kind of set-up this spinoff would have, it looks like the producers are planning on spinning this as a limited series, much like 24: Live Another Day, but they aren’t ruling out continuing the story in some way. Should this new iteration rouse viewers as much as the original series did, the franchise could indeed continue on. Gordon originally stated that the storyline would continue the real-time approach, and we’ll assume that’s still the case.

24 and 24: Live Another Day writers and producers Manny Coto and Evan Katz will be back on board for this project as the writers and executive producers. The former also worked on shows such as Star Trek: Enterprise and Dexter, while the latter was part of the creative team behind such short-lived series as The Event and Awake.

We’ll probably have to wait and see who these new 24 agents will be before Fox officially announces the project. Who do you guys want to see teaming up for this?

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