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Dolores in a field in Season 2

The TV world is in a bit of a renaissance right now. Between cable, network, and streaming TV, there is a ton of fantastic content being produced, encouraging A-list film talent to transition over to the small screen. Perhaps no show is a better example of this than HBO's sci-fi epic Westworld, which became an instant hit when it premiered in December of 2016. Fans have been waiting years for the show to return, with the hiatus giving the community plenty of time to come up with new fan theories. Showrunner Lisa Joy has no doubt heard them all, and recently revealed her favorite (bogus) theory about Westworld, saying:

The one where the whole park and everything in it is microscopic.

Fan theories may have spoiled certain Westworld plot twists, but the entire park being microscopic was not one of them. It's probably for this reason that Lisa Joy has such a good attitude about the theory; it didn't actually ruin anything.

Although Lisa Joy's comments during a Reddit AMA poke fun at that theory, you can kind of see why viewers might have jumped to this conclusion early in the show's first season. Westworld is a show that expects the audience to be confused, and the big map of The Park in Delos was no doubt the inspiration for that parricular theory. People would be just about microscopic given that scale, which may have been the catalyst for such an outlandish theory.

Westworld's map

While Westworld's park is definitely not microscopic, fan theories have continued to plague the acclaimed and ambitious drama. The fandom is passionate about the show, and therefore dissects every frame of the series for clues about the mysterious end game. Season 1's big twist regarding two plot lines and William/The Man in Black's identity was spoiled weeks before it happened, as fans deduced the clues and wrote it up online. Westworld will no doubt attempt to avoid this in Season 2, although the fandom has already combed through every frame of the Season 2 trailer.

Westworld will return to HBO April 22nd. In the meantime, check out our midseason premiere list to plan your next binge watch. Plus our Amazon premiere list and superhero premiere list to ensure you don't miss a single episode.