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Shannon Woodward Westworld Elsie

If fans think they are the only ones speculating about Westworld's latest twists and turns, there is good news. As it turns out, certain cast members do too. Westworld star Shannon Woodward shared that she also theorizes about the series' elaborate plot twists. In a recent interview the actress, who plays Elsie Hughes on the series, opened up about how impassioned some fans get when they try to share their theories about the show with her. Woodward said:

Last year, I had a lot of people telling me their theories, and trying to convince me that they were right. I tried to be kind to them about it because I was so glad that they were enjoying the show, but at some point it got to sound a lot like mansplaining. I was like, 'You know I've read the scripts, right? I do know what happens and that's not what happens.'

Sometimes a theory sounds so good to a fan; it can become hard for them to accept when they are wrong. Thank goodness for fan fiction, a place fan theories can always come true. The theory-related tidbits Shannon shared in her interview with Marie Claire didn't end there.

The actress says that the audience joining in on the speculation came as a relief, revealing she and Season 1 screen partner Evan Rachel Wood have spent lots of time sharing theories back and forth. A phenomenon that is not uncommon among casts of shows with secretive plots.

So if you watched an episode of Westworld and spent the next day obsessively chatting it over with co-workers, in an attempt to pewsixr what was on the horizon, do not feel weird about it. What is a series without theories? After a long wait, Shannon Woodward's Elsie made her long hoped for return in Season 2, Episode 4. It is a development fans had speculated was very much in the cards. This time, they turned out to be right.

In the same interview where she talks about the resolve of certain fans, Shannon Woodward says she had to act ignorant of knowledge about Elsie's eventual return when they questioned her. Westworld's creators had assured her she would eventually return to the series. A similar situation occurred when fellow HBO series, Game of Thrones, became ensconced in the mystery surrounding Jon Snow's possible resurrection. The cast had to infamously remain mum on the topic, despite robust fan theories that proved to be true.

Being an actor on a hit show comes with its downsides. For fans, the chance to speculate about ensuing plots is what helps drive shows like Westworld towards conversation in pop culture. The showrunners of Westworld have admitted to considering taking measures to protect Season 2's twists. With so many fans putting their heads together, an accurate theory is bound to break out. In Season 1, fans were correct about a lot of the twists that would eventually fill the finale. The series' creators are unlikely to want a rehash.

Westworld continues with a new episode airing this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. For more of what's coming on TV, check out our summer premiere schedule. For a better look at what awaits fans beyond summer, check out our 2018 network TV rundown.