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As one of CBS' midseason entries, the medical drama Code Black made it through the pre-upfronts cancellation onslaught without any sign of what its future would be. Unfortunately, the network has since made the worst decision possible for the show's fans, as Code Black has been cancelled, with no Season 4 on the way either later this year or next.

Despite the fact that Code Black is in the middle of its third season, which happens to have fewer episodes than previous years, CBS apparently decided now was the best time to pull the plug on the drama. What's more, the bad news dropped during an off week for Code Black, so instead of a new episode, fans were given the news that new episodes are now more limited than ever.

Since CBS likely didn't want to outwardly promote the impending exit from its only current medical drama, and so the cancellation news actually came from showrunner Michael Seitzman, who shared the disappointing announcement on social media.

Code Black isn't seemingly the kind of show that would inspire an immediate resurrection elsewhere, and its fanbase doesn't appear to be the kind that will drive #SaveCodeBlack to the top of Twitter's trend lists. However, there is definitely a chance that the final episodes' numbers could inspire other networks to look into keeping Rob Lowe and Marcia Gay Harden's show alive for another season. So while some fans may choose to drop out already under the assumption that it won't be worth finishing the run, never lose faith in the power of TV magic, and make some noise if you want Code Black to stay on TV.

Code Black's cancellation is something of a surprise, in that the show is achieving the kind of viewership and ratings that some other shows have survived with. But the deal here is that the numbers aren't averaging out to be what they were before, despite the casting shakeups and other ways the show tried to bring audiences in, and its key demo rating hasn't been high enough to make up the difference. It's also possible CBS wanted to make room on its schedule for some of the other new projects on its slate.

With nine episodes still left to go, Code Black airs on Wednesday nights on CBS at 10:00 p.m. ET. It was off for the May 23 episode, possibly because of the Memorial Day holiday, but the next week will see a double-header airing. To see what shows will be popping up elsewhere on the small screen, head to our summer premiere schedule.