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Emmy For Your Consideration Features Went Out Featuring Roseanne After The Show Was Cancelled


While Hollywood may be one of the fastest-moving industries in the country, not all mediums are quite as up-to-date as the Internet when reporting on the current goings-on. Which is why ABC ended up with a little egg on its face after printed Emmy For Your Consideration materials were sent out to TV Academy members, with the controversially cancelled Roseanne revival still being featured within. Yikes!

The latest copy of Emmy Magazine showed up for TV Academy members with a standalone note accompanying each that stated Roseanne was cancelled by ABC shortly before the issues were mailed out, and that the issue included a profile on ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey where she spoke about Roseanne's massive ratings success for the network, among other things.

The profile included quotes that Channing Dungey gave about the revival season ahead of its premiere in March, particularly about how the sitcom's return was meant to give voice to the country's citizens who feel ignored. The article also pointed out that ABC was "proud to take on these tough issues and depict the nation's political diversity." Which is a particularly awkward thing to have in there, considering it was Roseanne Barr's own voice (via a controversial series of Twitter posts) that got Roseanne cancelled in the first place.

According to Deadline, there were two full paragraphs of Roseanne-related material in the Emmy Magazine issue, which is a bit more than the "brief reference" that ABC's notice letter mentioned. And beyond that, the mag also featured a full-page FYC ad promoting Roseanne, using New York Times quotes to butter things up.

To balance things on the print side, the online version of the same Emmy Magazine story is updated with post-cancellation info. Channing Dungey's critical quotes about Roseanne Barr's tweets were noted, and other information was also changed to reflect the current situation.

For now, Roseanne likely has no shot of returning to TV, which is a big blow to fans who faithfully tuned into the revival. For what it's worth, ABC is rumored to be mulling over a spinoff project that would potentially be focused more on Sara Gilbert's Darlene, and possibly other family members, without Roseanne Conner herself being involved. It's hard to know if that concept will fly with viewers, or even the stars themselves, but you can bet the network wants to utilize the show's massive popularity in whatever ways it can. So don't be surprised if certain members of the Conner family return to TV in the fall.

For now, though, we'll just have to stay tuned to see what happens next. Be sure to hit up our summer premiere schedule to see all the new and returning shows that are on the way soon.

Nick Venable
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