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The Purge TV Show Trailer Looks Just As Crazy And Intense As The Movies

The Purge franchise has been going strong since it premiered and scared the pants off viewers in the best way back in 2013. Two more movies were released in the following years, with a fourth set to hit theaters in July. Fortunately for TV fans, The Purge is also coming to the small screen with series fittingly called The Purge. The series has been in the works since back in 2016, leaving fans waiting and hoping for a horror show on par with the Purge movies. The first trailer for The Purge on USA has hit the web, and it's as crazy and intense as the movies. Take a look!

If you're a fan of the movies, then you probably already knew the basic premise of the show. The Purge franchise revolves around a 12-hour period when all crime -- including but certainly not limited to murder -- is perfectly legal thanks to the laws in place courtesy of a totalitarian political party. The Purge show will follow a number of seemingly unrelated characters who are based out of a small city. As the Purge continues, they'll each have no choice but to face their past and discover how far they're willing to go if they want to survive the night.

Unlike the movies, The Purge series won't be set in a big city like Los Angeles, so franchise fans shouldn't expect the show to simply be a ten-part movie split up over a few months. Executive produced and written by film franchise creator James DeMonaco and produced by Jason Blum, this show could be everything that franchise and movie fans want. With a September premiere date on USA, The Purge will also debut only a couple of months after the latest film was released. The First Purge is a prequel that depicts the very first Purge, which could mean that the Purge show takes place before the events of the first three films. The First Purge could fill a lot of details into the timeline of the franchise, and The Purge could expand upon them.

The Purge stars Amanda Warren as finance professional Jane, who believes that she's hit an impassable glass ceiling at her job and therefore decides to hire an assassin to clear the way for her during the Purge. Gabriel Chavarria is on board as U.S. Marine Miguel, who returns to his family after receiving a cryptic letter from his little sister and is determined to do what he can to protect his family. Jessica Garza will play Penelope, a member of a Purge-worshipping cult who volunteered herself as a sacrifice during the 12 hours but has second thoughts when she discovers the horror of the Purge.

Also starring is Hannah Anderson as the anti-Purger Jenna, who makes the choice to venture out into the Purge for the first time and face some hard facts about her marriage and her place in life. Colin Woodell plays Jenna's husband and social-climber Rick, who must decide with his wife on how far they'll go for the American dream. Lili Simmons plays the rebellious and rich Lila who has some unfinished business to deal with. Lee Terfesen is Joe, a seemingly ordinary man who listens to taped lectures about motivation while intervening on Purge violence, as one does. Fiona Dourif is charismatic cult leader Tavis, and William Baldwin is Amanda's boss, Don.

Tune in to USA on Tuesday, September 4 to catch the first episode of The Purge. If you're in the mood to watch some crazed violence before the September premiere, you can catch The First Purge, which will be rated R, on July 4. For some small screen options in the meantime and after, check out our summer TV premiere guide.

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