The Forever Purge Ending Explained: What Happened And How It Sets Up A Potential Sequel

A sinister masked Purger in The Forever Purge.

Warning: This is the beginning of spoilers for The Forever Purge**. All details, including the ending, are going to be discussed. If you haven’t seen the movie just yet, you should head out of this article, before you accidentally read something you don’t want to know.**

America’s grand experiment known as The Purge is back! After The Purge: Election Year would have had you thinking that there’d be no more excitement for the New Founding Fathers to engage in, the national holiday was reinstated. Which means by time we get to The Forever Purge’s ending, the safety people once thought they had has disappeared yet again. And this time, the consequences couldn’t be greater; so if you haven’t seen this film and want to remain unspoiled, turn back and head for the exit. Now let’s start looking into what happened with The Forever Purge.

Ana de la Reguera held at knifepoint in The Forever Purge.

What Happened At The End Of The Forever Purge?

As the annual Purge Night comes to a close, The Forever Purge starts to pick up steam in its own narrative. With a faction of Purge supporters looking to do exactly what it says in the title, America is now under siege by lawlessness in an uncontrollable state. By the end of director Everardo Valerio Gout’s entry into the Blumhouse franchise’s canon, a full day of purging has seen Mexico and Canada indefinitely close their borders to the United States. Fortunately for some of our protagonists, there was an amnesty period to get across the border to Mexico.

Though they lost one of their own, the group consisting of Juan (Tenoch Huerta) and Adela (Ana de la Reguera), as well as rancher Dylan (Josh Lucas), his sister Harper (Leven Rambin), and his pregnant wife Cassie (Cassidy Freeman) all make it across the border at the end of The Forever Purge. Cassie ends up having her daughter in a refugee camp, as news reports talk about the “American Dreamers” who have made the trip to safety. Though as the closing music tells the audience, “Esto No A Terminado.” This isn’t over.

Josh Lucas bound and gagged by a sinister Purger in The Forever Purge.

Where America Stands After The Forever Purge

If you had ever wondered what a new civil war would look like, The Forever Purge has you covered. Two factions are left warring over the nation that was once the United States: Ever After Purgers and those who stand against them. As the movie draws to a close, we see the nation engulfed in literal darkness, only lit by the fires of the combat that rages across the nation in the wake of this unlawful purge.

As previously mentioned, the borders to both Mexico and Canada were open to those fleeing The Forever Purge’s big hoop-tee-doo, but only for a six hour period. Mexico’s border closed even sooner than expected, thanks to Ever After Purgers launching an attack on the gridlock of people trying to leave the nation. Now, with the borders secured, the battle rages on, and not even the New Founding Fathers of America are safe.

An Ever After Purger wearing a bunny mask in The Forever Purge.

The Ever After Purge Movement Explained

As initially constructed by the New Founding Fathers of America, Purge Night was both a sociological release valve for the pressures befalling future America, and also a way to thin the lower-class herd. It was supposed to provide a sense of security and better lives for those who supported the NFFA, as financial prosperity, a 0% crime rate, and lower unemployment were a result. But then the Ever After Purge movement came into play in The Forever Purge, and took the idea a step further.

Ever After Purgers are a splinter faction from the New Founding Fathers of America, and they don’t believe in the same rules. They don’t want to purge for one night only: they want a “Forever Purge.” Continuing to wreck and ravage the country, Ever After Purgers didn’t stop when those 7 AM horns blared, and they’re ready to take back their country. Which leads to the most disturbing scenario that could make for an amazing new sequel.

Leven Rambin firing a shotgun in The Forever Purge.

Where A Sequel To The Forever Purge Could Go

If producer Jason Blum has his way, The Purge franchise creator/writer James DeMonaco will be going back on his word about The Forever Purge being the final installment. Blum would love to keep the series going, and if fans keep showing up, who could blame them? That said, DeMonaco is key to keeping The Purge in circulation, and he’s got two options he can easily use to do so.

Option one is a sequel to The Forever Purge that picks up during America’s brand new civil war. As Ever After Purgers and those that would defeat them are currently engaged in battle, that seems like the first and most logical step in following the fifth Purge film in the series. However, there’s one more option that could stand to expand the scope of this franchise even more.

Option two for The Forever Purge’s sequel is a scenario that sees a World War breaking out. With the Ever After Purgers overthrowing the New Founding Fathers of America, and potentially securing the military resources of the entire country, a new nation of fascists would seem to be on the rise. Should America fall under the total control of this insidious force, it may be time for the world to intervene and defeat whatever new nation is born out of the chaos.

There are no guarantees that The Forever Purge will in fact spawn another sequel in The Purge series. That doesn’t mean that the opportunity isn’t ripe for the taking, as you can see in the aftermath of the once regulated holiday spinning totally out of control. If you’ve somehow gotten to the end of this rundown without seeing The Forever Purge, you can head to a theater near you and catch up as soon as possible. But if you’re ready to see what other 2021 movies are on the horizon, check out the full schedule in order to determine your next big cinematic outing.

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