If you’ve still been daydreaming that someday ABC was going to show up, whisk you and your family off to Disney World, while Ty Pennington and a bunch of renovation and design experts swooped in to your home and turned it into an amazing super-house of awesome, there’s bad news. ABC is pulling the plug on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition... kind of.

The Hollywood Reporter posted the news, stating that after the series’ current season ends its run next month (January 13th), ABC will air four special episodes.

ABC moved Extreme Makeover: Home Edition to Friday nights this year, after it spent years pulling in strong numbers on Sunday nights, for a while, anyway. The home renovation series, which focuses on fixing up houses of people in need, has seen declining ratings for years. It’s unlikely that the move to Friday nights helped, but maybe cancellation at this point was inevitable. In the meantime, the series will have aired 200 episodes by the time ABC shuts it down, and that amounts to quite a few families receiving much needed help with their homes.

In its better years, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition proved to be a regular tear jerker to those of us who are prone to the sniffles at the sight of really happy things happening to good people. Not only were the recipients of the make-over usually people in desperate need of a better home for their families, but oftentimes, they proved to be giving, generous people who definitely deserved the good karma brought on by the series.

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