The thought of Alyssa Milano and Christian Slater together is like a match made in '80's heaven. Or a match made and then un-made on Fox’s recently-returned comedy series Breaking In. Milano made an appearance in the comedy series in its first season, and she will apparently return for an episode in Season 2.

Breaking In returned this week to Fox, bringing Christian Slater and (most of) the rest of the cast back for another season of security work and workplace shenanigans. There have been a few changes to the set-up of the show, with Michael Rosenbaum gone (boo) and Megan Mullally joining the series (yay) as Contra’s new owner. TV Line reported today that Alyssa Milano will return to the show in a later episode this season to reprise her role as Oz’ Estranged wife Amy.

In the first season, Amy plotted against her ex by posing as a dentist and, if memory serves, a client who sought help from Bret Harrison’s Cameron. TV Line says she’ll appear in the ninth episode of Season 2, but there are no details on what she’ll be up to this time around. Milano’s recent TV work includes starring alongside Kyle Bornheimer in the ABC comedy Romantically Challenged.

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