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I am genuinely disappointed to have to report that the current fourth season of Syfy's Being Human will be the series' last. We just received confirmation of this news, along with a video featuring the cast of the supernatural drama talking about what they'll miss most about the series and thanking fans for their viewership, love and support...

There are six episodes remaining in the series, and we're told they revisit the story's beginning, building up to a send-off for Josh, Sally, Aidan and Nora that's not to be missed.

More supernatural than actual sci-fi, the drama is based on a British series from Toby Whithouse. Being Human stars Sam Witwer, Sam Huntington, Meaghan Rath and Kristen Hager as four friends with supernatural natures. Nora and Josh are werewolves, while Aidan is a vampire and Sally is a ghost. They live together in a house and are each trying to fight -- or at the very least, manage -- the darker sides of their nature. Their friendship, despite their differences, is part of what helps them maintain some semblance of normalcy and humanity amidst the struggle against their dark urges.

If you're disappointed or surprised by the cancellation, I'm right there with you. I've been a fan of this remake from the start, and have always looked forward to each season. One of the things I've especially loved about this series is how well the characters gel together on screen. Their stories may run a bit separately, as Sally deals with a lot of life-after-death drama (involving witches this season), Josh and Nora face each full moon (and some marital challenges this season) and Aidan attempts to avoid feeding off people while also dealing with the ever-evolving social hierarchy of the vampire community. The writing has always been sharp and clever, finding ways to keep these characters in each others' lives and giving them plenty of moments for great banter. The humor offset the drama nicely and that's as much a credit to the writing as it is the excellent cast.

I had the privilege of visiting the set last Fall, and one of things I've always noticed about the cast is that the dynamic between them is as great off-screen as it is on. This series will most definitely be missed. Now let's all hope that their ending is a happy one, whatever it is.

Being Human's final episode will air Monday, April 7.

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