Yesterday one of the big stories was that Bryan Singer's remake of Excalibur was dead, deceased, and joining the choir invisible. What you might have missed if you didn't click through to the linked story at SFX, however, is that in that same interview, Singer dropped some info about a new online project he's producing called H+.

Singer describes the show as a science fiction web series that will run for 40 or 50 episodes, each lasting around three to six minutes. That would make it ideal for a DVD release on down the line. The show is from Warner Premiere, the same folks behind the much-buzzed Mortal Kombat: Legacy, and the first H+ trailer premiered at Comic-Con back in July. Here's the trailer:

Set in the near future, H+ envisions a world where personal technology has advanced to the next level, allowing people to get an implant, called HPlus, that provides a direct online neural connection. No more smart phones, no more computer screens -- everything is piped directly into your brain. It's an entirely plausible, almost inevitable scenario, but also one that conjures up all sorts of potential problems. In H+ the problem comes when someone uploads a virus which kills every HPlus user in the world -- a third of the planet's population.

It's a new kind of apocalypse scenario for a transhumanist age, one where we're obliterated not by acts of nature or violence, but by our own capriciousness and ambition as a species. It has the potential to be smart and compelling, and the trailer definitely suggests that they won't be cutting corners. We're living in a post-Dr. Horrible world now, where online content will only continue to attract bigger talent and bigger budgets.

H+ was created and written by John Cabrera and directed by Stewart Hendler. You can follow the show's progress on their Facebook page.

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